6 Breathtaking Things To Do In Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues is a beautiful volcanic island located in the Indian Ocean. This wonderful small island is situated at the east of Mauritius. Port Mathurin in the north is popular as the capital of this amazing island, and you can find impressive colonial buildings here. The southwest of the island is blessed with François Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve and incredible wildlife that attract several tourists to explore this exquisite island. And, you can enjoy a host of fun activities when vacationing on the Rodrigues Island. So, let’s have a look at some of the enjoyable things to do in Rodrigues Island.

Find Below Six Thrilling Things To Do In Rodrigues Island When Visiting It.

1. Zipline Adventure

Are you excited to try zipline adventure? Travel to the south coast of this splendid Rodrigues Island to enjoy the exciting the zip line (Tyrolienne) experience. You get an opportunity to try the longest zip line adventure as the zip line spans greater than 400 meters. Watch the stunning views of the lush green valleys and enchanting views of the ocean at Montagne Malgache by moving like a bird about 100 meter above the vegetation.


2. Trekking

Enjoy trekking and hiking in the beautiful natural environments on the island. You can find here spectacular green, hilly landscapes. Discover various exquisite views, domestic animals, maize plantations, and friendly locals as you trek on the pleasant, sprawling terrain. You can find several trekking route options. Enjoy climbing up and down the valleys. Begin your trek from the Grand Bay, a tiny coastal village, in the north and complete your journey by traveling to the south of the Rodrigues at Port Sud Est.


3. Kitesurfing

Make sure you attend and enjoy participating in the kitesurfing festival here where several kite surfers across the globe flock to enjoy the fabulous kite surfing activity on this beautiful island. The barrier reef protected lagoon and steady air offers you several kite surfing spots, such as Plaine corail, Mourouk, and Graviers, on the Rodrigues Island.


4. Sail Boats

Outstanding deep blue ocean coupled with the tropical climate offers you a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the thrill of sail boat trips in this naturally beautiful paradise of Rodrigues. Spend pleasant time by going for a sail boat trip to spellbinding inlets in the southern lagoon to discover the hidden wonder and enjoy picnic and BBQ. You can have a unique experience of sea adventures and relax as you go for a sail boat trip.


5. Explore Caverne Patate

Visit Caverne Patate, which is one of the prominent attractions on the island, is a spectacular cave system that you can find on this exquisite island. Caverne Patate formed due to the movement of the tectonic plates, and it’s present beneath a coral plain on the Rodrigues Island. Enjoy exploring the stalactities and stalagmites of about 2,000 feet with help of the experienced guides available here.


6. Visit Francois Leguat Giant Tortoise And Cave Reserve

Don’t miss visiting the François Leguat Giant Tortoise and Cave Reserve to watch amazing species of tortoise. This sprawling 20 hectare nature reserve houses several plants, shrubs, and trees, and work on reintroducing crucial animal species to help balance the ecosystem by linking the flora and fauna. You can find here rare plants and walk among the giant tortoises. Don’t miss watching the rare Rodrigues fruit bat here. Also, enjoy exploring the fabulous caves that are popular for being unique to this beautiful island.


Now that you know these six outstanding activities to enjoy when visiting Rodrigues Island, make sure you enjoy all of them and have a memorable experience to cherish for the lifetime.

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