15 Top Hotels And Restaurants In The Netherlands

Netherlands is often called as Holland, half of which was under the water once. But today it is well urbanized and having average population. There are many events and many festivals which are organized throughout the year. The flower parades, music and dance carnival, theatre festivities and art & culture events are part of the celebrations along with Christmas and King’s day. Are you planning to visit Holland? The hotels and restaurants are the best and highly preferred by the tourists and are available according to the needs and budget.

Some Of The Hotels And Restaurants Are:

1. Vinkeles

The hotel offers better services, nice facilities and the best food. The variety of exotic dishes and special services by the private butler makes your stay enjoyable. The cocktail bar and the huge decorated dining halls keep you engaged.

Visit Vinkeles


2. Ciel Bleu Restaurant

The restaurant is famous for creative meal consists of delicious list of variety of dishes. The impeccable services and the rich quality food make you enjoy the lovely weather. The special attention by the hotel executives and flavorsome wine always keep you in right mood.

Visit Ciel Bleu Restaurant


3. De Silveren Spiegel

The restaurant is different from many other and it makes you to visit it again. The food offered is of excellent quality and is available at reasonable price. Every time you dine and food tastes even better and better.

Visit De Silveren Spiegel


4. Jacketz Oud-West

The service-friendly restaurant is having spacious rooms and cool green surrounding. Most of the food items are served with green vegetables, potatoes and salad. The food is of good quality which is served fresh and tasty.

Visit Jacketz Oud-West


5. Teppanyaki Restaurant Sazanka

The Asian restaurant looks decent and serves better quality food along with variety of drinks. The attentive support staff serves with smile and suggest you the best items from the menu. Though the cost is higher but it is reasonable.

Visit Teppanyaki Restaurant Sazanka


6. La Rive

It is wonderful hotel which offers not only rich quality fresh food at reasonable price but keeps the customers engaged with variety dishes and 5 course menus. The choice of food accompanied by wine is the moment to enjoy. You will enjoy time, food and the attention of the staff.

Visit La Rive


7. Blue Pepper Restaurant And Candlelight Cruises

The look and feel of the restaurant and the interior design attracts your attention. The service is quicker and the food offered in the menu listing combines traditional dishes along with modern recipes. Enjoy the tasty food at best suited price.

Visit Blue Pepper Restaurant And Candlelight Cruises


8. Poco Mucho

The Argentinean restaurant which offers large sized meals at most affordable cost. The meal consists of grill, chips and huge green salad. The quality and taste of the food is excellent. Even if the restaurant is crowded yet the efficient staff never let the customers down.

Visit Poco Mucho


9. Bagels & Beans

It is the best place having most delicious food. People prefer to have breakfast and lunch at the same place because of its alert services and the nice and tasty food quality. The bagels either hot or cold are always tasty.

Visit Bagels & Beans


10. Blue Sakura Enschede

The sushi lovers always come back to the restaurant for its amazing food quality and fast services. You have to order the food and it will appear without much delay. The prices of the food are not costly at all.


11. Pet Thai

It is one of the best Thai restaurants in Europe. The 7 pepper course is amazing dish. The hot food will be served in the plate. The taste of meat, vegetables and sauce are equally tasty. You will come back for more.

Visit Pet Thai


12. Cafe De Zwaan

The place is very friendly and the staff is cooperative. One can sit and relax here before having either a snacks or coffee or having selected dishes and the drinks. The moderately decorated place with soft music makes you feel better.

Visit Cafe De Zwaan


13. Taverna La Vaca

It is a nice little place in the corner which offers good food at right price. The Spanish restaurant is having the specially cooked fresh food. Even you can sit outside while having coffee and watch the surrounding. It makes you enjoy all the time. You can come with friends and have good time.

Visit Taverna La Vaca


14. Restaurant Rozemarijn

The traditional restaurant of Netherlands offers the best quality traditional dishes and the special dishes. The 5 course lunch includes dessert, crabs, tuna fish and the lobster. The wine is served I plenty. You can appreciate the staff for all the service and the help.


15. Restaurant O

The place is full of variety of fish which every fish lover will not miss. The cool atmosphere and the food available at reasonable price allow people to enjoy it more. The efficient service of the staff and the delicious food makes sure that nothing goes wrong with the Restaurant O.

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