15 Top Hotels And Restaurants In Moldova

Moldova is one of the interesting places in Europe which according to the recent survey considered being the least travelled place. But now it is getting lots of attention from the people around. If you are at Maldova for any reason, then don’t forget to checkout the following restaurants from the below list.  The list can help you in a great way. Most of the tourists prefer Maldova because it does not cost so much when you eat in restaurants and stay in standard hotels. There are number of hotels and restaurants and each one is exceptional while serving delicious food and customer-friendly services. Some restaurants are conventional and serve traditional food whereas some other restaurants are most-modern and serve exotic dishes with famous Purcari wine.

It Has Wide Range Of Hotels And Restaurants Which Every Tourist Will Love To Visit. Some Of The Famous Hotels And Restaurants In Maldova Are:

1. London Steak House

It is one of the best hotels in Chisinau which is the most decent areas of Maldova. The big and warm rooms give you the feel of your homes. The fusion restaurant on the roof top is exceptional. The food is tasty specially decorated with green salad and the specially cooked steaks are famous.


2. GoodVin

The restaurant is very famous for new york steaks and the appetizing pork ribbs. Having delicious food on the beautiful terrace is a unique experience. The friendly services keep you amused all the time.


3. Hotel Chisinau

One of the oldest hotels of Maldova and which is most traditional. The friendly staff is always ready to help the tourists. The rooms are clean, tidy and bigger in size. The service is friendly but professional.


4. The Astoria Restaurant

The restaurant is centrally located in the city with wider roads and well organized traffic. The place is calm & quite. The food is delicious specially the duck soup and salad. Most people prefer it for the peaceful atmosphere.


5. Bristol Restaurant

The restaurant is having excellent services and offers special dishes including lots of fresh fruits and dairy products. The rooms are well equipped and include the cost of breakfast. The tasty meals are prepared carefully according to tourist needs.


6. Vinoteca Wine Room & Restaurant

The restaurant is surrounded by greenery. The rooms are designed perfectly and the extensive menu displays exotic food items. The wine offered in samples is absolutely free. The most preferred delicious panna cotta is considered to be the best desert.


7. Restaurant Napolis

The colorful hotel with wide spread surrounding attracts the tourists by its look. It offers excellent services and appetizing food. The cheesecakes are exceptional which every tourist loves to eat.


8. Restaurant Bella Donna

It is a restaurant you will love to take your friends for party. The food is of extra ordinary taste and it offers variety wine at reasonable cost. Listening to live music in form of jazz-guitar is memorable experience.


9. Casa della Reggenza Restaurant

The polite and friendly staff makes you comfortable. The food is of best quality and combines with both Moldovan and international with lots of green vegetables. The atmosphere is warm and you will enjoy your stay for longer.

10. Cerbul de Aur

It is a restaurant which will surprise you completely. It has look of Scottish lodge but the atmosphere inside is of European bar. The food is extensive with variety of bear dishes and also conventional dinner which includes hare steaks with mushroom soup and free wine.

11. Shinok Kumanek

It is Ukrainian style restaurant with variety of dishes. The excellent services are added with luscious food and variety of beers and wine. The Ukrainian music at the background makes you enjoy more. It is one of the best restaurants in Maldova.


12. Andy’s Pizza

It is one of the most modern air-conditioned restaurants with variety non-vegetarian dishes. The dish chicken wing is the most famous among the tourists. The variety of Pizza having mouth-watering tastes and prompt services makes your visit memorable.


13. ZEN Cafe

The suchi restaurant is on the terrace under open sky. It is different experience for the tourists. The food is of good quality at affordable price and the attentive smiling waiters help you offering the services fast.


14. Madam Wong

Anyone visits the restaurant certainly loves it more. The stylish and well-designed place offers delicious food in variety. The place is very decent and not very crowded which helps the tourist in spending more time over food and drinks.


15. La Placinte

The restaurant is famous for Moldavian food and meals. The food is of good quality with lots fruits and juices. The traditional look and attentive waiters makes it more enjoyable.


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