8 Places To Visit Northamptonshire In England


England is a beautiful country and there are so many places to visit there. Northamptonshire is also a beautiful city of the England, it is known as county of norhtampton, it is located to the east midlands, it is a land lock city, if you want to meet with the nature and interact with the rural people, it is also known to be the spires and squires, it has the beautiful, churches and many other places, here are the best places to visit in the northamptonshire in the England.

1. Northampton Guildhall:

This is the most attractive place to visit northamptonshire. This guildhall is the center of attraction and many people come to visit this place all around the world, the building is made up in the style of the Georgia, the architect is so good with the monuments to the center of the hall. It has the museum which gives the all the information of about this beautiful city.

2. Kirby Hall:

This is the place which is also a part of center of attraction, the unique structure has many Scottish people lived here and it has the influence of the Scottish people, the large ground in front of the this Kirby hall, add the beauty of it, this is the place to visit in the summer, this place has many memories about the English civil war.

Kirby Hall

3. Oundle:

If you want to visit a village with houses made up of the lime stone and now they look like gold monuments, the structure to this village is somehow similar to the Cambridge university, there are many pubs to this place and this place has the many good market also, here you will see the nature flourishing this place.


4. St Mary Church, Hingham Ferrers:

Northamptonshire has the divine place, St. Mary Church beautiful church was founded in the early 13th century and still you will get the charm of that time, inside the church, people from all over the world come and worship. Now many art exhibitions are place in this church from time to time.

St Mary Church, Hingham Ferrers

5. Rushden:

Rushden is the largest town of the England with a little population, it was founded as an industrialist city, this is the famous for the shoes industries, the best place to visit here is the lawns and the Rushden hall park. It has the beautiful manor house but you can visit this at the time of the summer only.


6. Daventry:

If you are planning for shopping in the northamptonshire, then daventry is the best place for you, this place gives you a look of England tradition, sheaf street is the best thing of this place, where you will get all the delicious food of the England, you will come to know about the 13th century England by visiting this place.


7. Stanwick Lakes:

If you want to see the beautiful sunset in the England then you can go to Stanwick Lakes, the beautiful lake adds the beauty of this place, many people from all over the world come to see this lake, this place is most visited by the newly married couples.

Stanwick Lakes

8. Kettering:

This is the center place of the northamptonshire, as the whole town come for shopping to this place, it has the beautiful Wicksteed park for the children, the best thing is that this park has the small train on which children can enjoy the various parts of the park.


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