Top 10 Luxury Hotels In London

London, a popular hub of the celebrities is a place with not only top universities of the world but also the world class hotels. Even a small, not so popular and affordable hotel in London has the basic facilities and off course can provide some sights of luxury. If a small hotel has this much then think of the popular and luxurious hotel and imagine everything from service till facilities and rooms. Stop right there because it goes beyond imagination. Just read down here and come across the hotels, facilities and top highlight about each.

Top 10 Luxury Hotels In London:

1. The Bulgari Hotel London, Knightsbridge, London, England

For super rich people, Bulgaria is the bland enclave. Every piece or marble of this hotel points out luxury and you can feel that from the moment you step here. In public rooms, corridors and the bedrooms, there are glossy sapele mahogany veneer.

The luxury and the splendor of the hotel can be felt by its location also which is frequent with chauffeurs standing next to their limos.

The hotel was designed by Antonio Citterio and partners who have also been seen at Bulgaria Bali and Bulgaria Milan. The stainless steel staircase and the veneer reminds anyone of the cruise ship. Talking of luxury, what you will find here is myriads of steam rooms, ice showers, saunas, excellent gyms and 11 treatment rooms that conduct ESPA classics.


2. Hotel 41

Unique name, isn’t it? Yes, the hotel is unique as well just like its name. The luxury hotel giving a club like feel and centered round the 21st century business technology, this hotel is one of the similar choice of many celebrities. The location of the hotel gives a beautiful view of the Westend Theatre and the magnificent Buckingham palace. Facilities like free Wi-Fi, room service, suites, bar, and lounges are some of the few while other you may come across as you visit this hotel.


3. The Ritz Carlton, Mayfair, London, England

The Ritz Carlton costing around £431 per night is considered as one of the top spot of celebrities and businessmen. The long galleries and the long palm courts are ravishing and not to forget its dining room which one of the loveliest in the whole of not only London but Europe. From the staff till the doorman, everyone is so learned in etiquette that you would hardly find any problem about misbehaving or rude attitude. The bedrooms, and the suites are all laced in rose pink, yellow, salmon pink and blue or you may say that they still remind of the original XVI style.


4. Egerton House Hotel

Whoever, you ask about this hotel, will only tell compliment you of making a wonderful choice. From its service, till facilities, everything about this hotel is great and excellent. This is five star hotel with fee Wi-Fi, room service, airport transportation, wheelchair access, suites, business center, bar and lounges, and restaurants. The hotel is cozy and at the same time makes your feel luxury.


5. Mandarin Oriental. Hyde Park, London, England

Mandarin hotel located in the Knightsbridge of London is another luxury hotel of London with Blumenthal restaurants, one of the first attraction of Londoners and has cutting edge in room entertainment.

Mandarin with its new outdoor service costs around £ 540 per night.

The ground floor is contemporary but the bedrooms and the corridors are extremely traditional in decoration. Bring here might give you a pinch to check if you really are in the mandarin oriental. The dreamy ballroom makes the perfect spot for girls as they can learn dancing here and even practice yoga on free times.



6. The Lanesborough, Hyde Park, London, England

The hotel Lanesborough was once the country house for the viscount lanesborough. In 1827, it was rebuilt as a hospital but finally in 1990, the hospital was transformed into this amazing luxurious hotel of today.

The newness and the transformation of the hotel has given it a cosmopolitan feel. The location, Hyde Park is another reason for its popularity.

The hotel costs £ 502 every night that makes it slightly expensive but I believe that it worth it as per its facilities and the luxurious provided. The hotel now is also a part of the Oetker collection which has several other hotels in other places. Here you get basic facilities like bar, laundry, parking, restaurants, room service, spa, Wi-Fi and fitness center.


7. Four Season Hotel London at Park Lane, Hyde Park, London

Are you not familiar with this name before? Yes, I have heard of the luxury hotel with the same name in other countries as well. however, every country authorizes it with its own charm.

The blaring red color hotel with spectacular furnishing are intriguing factor in making the hotel come in limelight among the stars and the rich class.

Service is never a matter of concern but always complementing and well accompanies the luxuries provided here. Being in this hotel and missing the rooftop spa can be the worst mistake that you ever make and yes, the hotel costs £572 per night.


7. Coleridge’s Mayfair, London, England

Costing around £480 per night, Coleridge is one of the most legendary hotel with bolt holes for kings, queens, grannies. Those who frequently look for a British pomp with current twist, this one makes the perfect choice.

The real highlight of the hotel is having tea in the grand foyer with a men playing violins and your sips going in symphony with the tune.

The hotel is elegant, amazing and meets the choice of almost every customer. From royalties, Fashionista, celebrities, guests, celebrating couples to wealthy families, this five star hotel has always been a perfect match offering inseparable luxury.

8. The Cannaught, Mayfair, London, England

Cannaught hotel has one night rent as £ 390 in the list of several luxury hotels of London. Visiting the hotel gives a slight touch of the contemporary and traditional.

The services and the facilities in the hotel remind that the traditional is still being served in the hotel with main focus on service.

The hotel has some 119 rooms in which about 30 are in new wings. The hotel has something different from other usual hotel of England, i.e. the Japanese Toto heated seats or the bidet loos. Not to talk about the service as it is excellent is all respect and the staff is also highly committed.


9. The Goring, Belgravia, London, England

Costing around £ 280 per night, the hotel is built at road across the beautiful and magnificent Buckingham palace. The huge private garden with central lawn makes the spot for croquet playing in summer. The recent renovation undressed this ravishing new front hall, which is further cladded with hand painted wallpapers of exotic animals in the romantic landscape of English. The bedrooms are no doubt glamorous and feel homely as well.


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