Top 12 Hotels And Restaurants In Armenia

Armenia is considered as the unique country that has marked its presence on the map of Anatolia. The presence of this country is backed to around 3000 years of old. Thus, there are lots of things to be seen in this country. People from various religions are residing in this country. It has deep rich heritage and cultural values that is deep rooted in the history. Visitors feel pleasure to visit this state and enjoy the numerous number of tourists place to the maximum extent. The mountain ridge, valleys along with natural sceneries will sure make your vacation a memorable one.

Below Are Some Of The Best Hotels That Are On Demand Due To Their Extraordinary Features:

1. Republica Hotel

The hotel Republica is rated 5 out of 5 stars in rating wise. This hotel boards good and well maintained rooms. Visitors find these rooms as the best destination to relax after a tiring day. It is also located near the main square. With clean rooms and special service, the hotel has become the top most hotels in Yerevan.

Visit Republica Hotel

Republica Hotel

2. Paris Hotel

Paris hotel is termed as a great kind of option that is located in the main part of Yerevan. People often select this hotel due to their proper restaurant service that is often provided to the door. All rooms are provided with nice balcony. The price is also fare and one can easily afford.

Visit Paris Hotel

Paris Hotel

3. Nova Hotel

Nova hotel deemed to be the best kind of selection during trip to Armenia. It is located in Yerevan and is a well know hotel. The price and the quality of service attract visitors towards it. The rooms were well maintained and they were simply excellent.

Visit Nova Hotel

Nova Hotel

4. Armenia Marriott Hotel

This hotel is well located near the Republic Square. The rooms of this hotel are of high class and it can become the right choice for business people. The reception staffs are very helpful and the room service was also good. The neat rooms along with proper restaurant facilities are some of the attractive features.

Visit Armenia Marriott Hotel

Armenia Marriott Hotel

5. Tufenkian Avan Dzoraget

Armenia hosts to some of the best hotel and this hotel proves it. The best part of the hotel is the location that is best. The view from the hotel is simply superb. The swimming pool, restaurant and hot bath service is going to provide a better experience.

Visit Tufenkian Avan Dzoraget

Tufenkian Avan Dzoraget

6. Hyatt Place Jermuk

Hyatt hotel can also serve the tourists to a higher extent. All of the rooms of this hotel are of world class and can serve in a very perfect manner. This hotel is provided with all kinds of necessary amenities. The beautiful pond near the hotel becomes the best view straight away from the hotel.

Visit Hyatt Place Jermuk

Hyatt Place Jermuk

7. My Hotel

My Hotel is also the most recommended type of hotel that can provide right kind of service on time. The room seems to be very cozy and clean. The friendly staff of the hotel also helps a lot to get room service. The restaurant service of the hotel provides delicious and mouth watering dishes.

Visit My Hotel

My Hotel

8. Tsaghkadzor Hotel

If you are really conscious about the level of comfort and price, then this hotel is the right choice for you. The hotel provides professional type of service without miss. The inner beauty of the hotel along with the restaurant service will blow out your mind.

Visit Tsaghkadzor Hotel

Tsaghkadzor Hotel

9. Erebuni Hotel

Hotel Erebuni is selected by many visitors who want proper service at the right price. This hotel is near to Republic Square and at the main center part of Yerevan. This hotel caters to some of the best hospitality staff along with dining options. Room service facility of the hotel is superb.

Visit Erebuni Hotel

Erebuni Hotel

10. Hotel Mirhav

Mirhav caters to perfect luxurious rooms that are well provided with some of the best services. The staffs of the hotels are very professional in nature. The beauty and comfort of the room makes the room bit costly as compared to others. Buffet system is available in the hotel for the customers.

Visit Hotel Mirhav

Hotel Mirhav

11. Golden Palace

Hotel Golden Palace is a nice highly rated hotel that looks superb from outside as well as from within. It is located near the main city and provides all necessary kinds of services. The restaurant provided by the hotel is also nice. It also provides games area as well as spa.

Visit Golden Palace

Golden Palace

12. Europe Hotel

The Europe hotel is just near to the Republic Square and provides the right kind of service to its customers. It will surely become the right choice to select this hotel in Yerevan. The food facilities, room service and other amenities make it a complete package for the visitors.

Visit Europe Hotel

Europe Hotel

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