Top 12 Hotels And Restaurants In Brunei

Brunei is a very small country, which is located on Borneo Island. It is surrounded by South China Sea as well as Malaysia.  The country is well famous for its rainforest, ecstatic beaches and many more. Various types of reserves can be found in this country. Its capital city is Bandar Seri Begawan.  The country attracts people from all across the globe to enjoy the natural beauty of the beaches. The natural scenic beauty of the place is very interesting and spending vacation in this place will be a nice idea. The country is well provided with nice hotels and restaurants that can help to stay and get desired yummy foods right at your door steps.

Top 12 Hotels And Restaurants Brunei:

1. Hotel Jubilee

The hotel Jubilee is termed as one of the leading hotel in Brunei that is well visited by most of the tourist’s people. The price of the hotel is quite impressive as compared to the type of service that is provided to the customers. The neat and clean hotel provides nice spacious rooms that are well enabled with proper amenities.

Hotel Jubilee

2. Hotel Terrace

Hotel Terrace can also be selected to stay in Brunei. The staffs of the hotel are friendly along with other members.  The rooms are clean and well maintained. This hotel comes under the budget hotels in Brunei. People who are strict to their budget can select this hotel.

Hotel Terrace

3. Grand City Hotel 

The grand city hotel is located in the capital city of Brunei. The main attractive feature of the hotel is the cost of the rooms. It provides well maintained rooms at low price. Thus, it has attracted lots of people towards it.  The well maintained staff will take care of you in every aspect.

Grand City Hotel

4. Brunei Hotel

Brunei hotel is located in the capital city. This is not a 5 star hotel, but the facilities of this hotel can be easily compared to that of the quality hotels. It has all kinds of facilities that are generally required for all customers. It is also located near the main area of the capital city.

Brunei Hotel

5. LeGallery Suites

If you are in search of budget hotel in Brunei, this hotel can become the best choice.  The rooms are well maintained with nice facilities. Food arrangements are also done by the hotel staffs. The responsive staff of the hotel will surely help in your work.

LeGallery Suites

6. Traders Inn

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Traders Inn is listed in the budget hotels list and is also considered to be one of the best service providers. People love visiting this hotel and take their accommodation facilities. You can also easily check in this hotel and stay there for an affordable price.

Traders Inn

7. Kaizen Sushi

This is a quite interesting restaurant that is present in the capital city of Brunei.  The restaurant provides all best kind of food items. The excellent sushi provided to the customers has gained much reputation as compared to other restaurants present in that location.

Kaizen Sushi

8. Excapade Sushi

This restaurant is quite a common place for Japanese people as it provides the latest kinds of Japanese dinner facilities. The price of the dishes is also affordable. You will really fall in love with the mouth watering dishes provided in the restaurant.  They are also having a good number of branches in the country.

Excapade Sushi

9. Stoneville Hotel

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This hotel will provide the best impression at the first look. The nice reception area along with responsive staff will help you easily check in and check out as per your choice. The accommodation facilities of the hotel are simply mind blowing. The price and the type of service are simply incomparable.

Stoneville Hotel

10. Hotel V Plaza

This is also a nice hotel that is newly opened in Brunei.  The overall service provided by the hotel is quite perfect. The rooms are spacious along with proper types of facilities. You can opt for all kinds of services at your door steps.  You can get the nice view of the sunset straight from the hotel.

Hotel V Plaza

11. Zaika

Zaika is one of the top rated vegetarian food restaurants that have its origin in India. This Indian hotel has always good number of customers due to the type of cuisines. The north Indian cuisine available in the hotel attracts lot of people who want a try to yummy dishes.


12. Sentosa Hotel

Hotel Sentosa is a very decent hotel at the right location.  It is near the main city junction. The hotel has nice arrangements for the food. Customers can simply avail the service right at the door step. The hospitality service of the entire staff is quite impressive.

Sentosa Hotel

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