Top 12 Hotels And Restaurants In Bhutan

Bhutan is a very extraordinary type of place that is located on the Himalayas. It is a very small country that shares its border with china and India. The natural scenery of the great Himalayas will be a stunning experience in your lifetime. Huge numbers of people from all across the world are spending their quality vacations in Bhutan. It is a Buddhist nation and the culture is well preserved in this country. With great flora and fauna, the country heartily welcomes people from all across the world. The pristine environment along with proper hospitality services provided in Bhutan, visitors feel exciting to visit the country.

Top 12 Hotels And Restaurants Bhutan:

1. Hotel Norbuling

Norbuling hotel is a well managed hotel that is maintained with high level of comforts for the customers. The comfortable rooms along with nice staffs make the day. You will be amazed from the type of world class service the hotel staff provides to the customers. It provides large rooms with all types of facilities.

Hotel Norbuling

2. Naksel Boutique Hotel

This hotel is mainly located in one of the most demanded location and is on the top of a hill. Thus, it provides a nice view from the window. The natural view of the mountains during sunset and sunrise is superb. The rooms are quite clean and well maintained. The food facilities are also up to the standard.

Naksel Boutique Hotel

3. Galing Resort

Galing can also serve you in one of the finest way through its world class rooms and facilities for their customers. The rooms are large and spacious. Staffs are very friendly and the yummy food will once again attract you towards the hotel. The slow river sound from this hotel is another attractive feature.

Galing Resort

4. Taj Tashi

This hotel is located at the right location and is in middle of Thimphu. The staff of the hotel is very friendly. The rooms are well cleaned and provided with all kinds of amenities. Make sure to enjoy the food and staying facility when you are there in Bhutan.

Taj Tashi

5. Lobesa Hotel

The hotel Lobesa can also be termed as one of the best hotel that provides all necessary kinds of facilities to their customers. The reception area is well maintained. Food facilities provided to the customers is also perfect. Rooms are small but well maintained for the visitors.

Lobesa Hotel

6. Riverview Hotel

The hotel Riverview is a great destination where you should stay and relax in Bhutan. The quality of the rooms is quite good and the price is also affordable. You can easily take the look of the river from this location. Scenic beauty with beautiful rooms can become your best decision.

Riverview Hotel

7. Khamsum Inn

If you are really cautious about the quality of service offered to you in Bhutan, then this hotel can become the best solution. It is located near to the city center and hence can be easily reached. The accommodation facilities and food facilities are well taken care by the best staffs.

Khamsum Inn

8. Metta Resort

Metta resort is one such kind of resort that maintains the high quality of service for the customers. It also provides spa and other facilities for their customers. The staff of the resort will help you in each and every manner. It is a must stay in Bhutan as the price is also affordable and the services are quite impressive.

Metta Resort

9. Kichu Resort Paro

Kichu resort is located near a river whose sound can be easily heard from the hotel. This resort is spread in wide area and it provides a sensation of staying in the lap of the nature. The amenities of the hotel were good along with the staff. Food facilities of the hotel were also satisfactory.

Kichu Resort Paro

10. Dewachen Hotel

The Dewachen hotel boasts nice rooms that are designed in the most traditional method. These rooms are very comfortable in their own way. You will be happy to pay them as the facilities of the hotel are also satisfactory. It is very perfect to stay in this hotel and enjoy Bhutan.

Dewachen Hotel

11. Le Meridien Thimpu

This particular hotel is located near the main area of Thimpu. The service of the hotel is quite excellent as the staffs understand the exact need of the customers. The food facilities of the room were also nice. It is the most recommended hotel in Bhutan.

Le Meridien Thimpu

12. Hotel Osel

Osel is a property that is well maintained to attract the customers. The large and clean room in this hotel is the main attraction. It is also provided with free Wi-Fi service. Food arrangements of the hotel are quite satisfactory and it is perfect as compared to other hotels.

Hotel Osel

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