12 Top Hotels And Restaurants In Belgium


Belgium is mainly located near the North Sea coast and is basically a low lying country. Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and provides shelter to people of various origins. Belgium is also surrounded by other countries such as Germany, France, Netherlands and others. The best part of the country is the unique climate and the cool weather gives an invitation to the tourists. Every year huge numbers of people visit this country to enjoy some of the unique places. Thus, the tourism industry of the country is also flourishing.

Following Are Some Of The Best Types Of Hotels And Restaurants Found In Belgium.

1. Ariane Hotel

If you are looking out for the best luxurious kind of hotel at an affordable price, then Hotel Ariane can be the best choice. The well spacious room along with the services is quite good. The rooms are properly cleaned and you can find best kinds of facilities inside. It has also got good rating from other tourists.

Ariane Hotel

2. Amigo Hotel

Hotel Amigo has also received very good types of responses from many customers. The main feature of this hotel is its location. It is properly located in the main area and people can easily reach there. The wonderful hotel along with friendly staffs will help you make your stay memorable.

Amigo Hotel

3. Grand Casselbergh Bruges Hotel

This hotel is of its own kind and is a good rated hotel in Belgium. The price of the rooms is quite high and it is as per the type of services offered. The well maintained room along with proper service staff provides a nice memory in the hotel. It is located in Bruges and has been common choice for many people.

Grand Casselbergh Bruges Hotel

4. Western Plus Orange Hotel

This hotel is very modern and is up to date for the visitors. It is well built and is provided with some of the unique features. The price of the hotel is quite high and it is justified to pay the amount as the services are of world class level. The food and other facilities are also up to the mark.

Western Plus Orange Hotel

5. Sandton Hotel Reylof

It is located in Ghent and the look of the hotel will surely mesmerize you at the instant. It is very easy to reach the hotel and book the best rooms. All the rooms are well maintained and you can also find proper staffs to maintain it. Food facilities are also nice.

Sandton Hotel Reylof

6. Pentahotel Liege

It is a nice as well as modern style hotel in Liege. You will certainly be amazed by the types of rooms and how they are well maintained. It is really going to be the best staying experience in Belgium. The room’s facilities and interior are as per the modern style.

Pentahotel Liege

7. Brussels Hotel

The hotel Brussels is also the best hotel up to the mark. It is located in Brussels and is properly maintained. The reception area, large and comfortable rooms along with proper hospitality services will surely attract you. It is surely going to be the best staying experience.

Brussels Hotel

8. Navarra Hotel

It is also a very beautiful hotel that is located in Bruges, Belgium. The hotel is also attractive from the outer as well as inner part. The reception area is well maintained along with the big and spacious rooms. You will surely enjoy your stay in this hotel at perfect price.

Navarra Hotel

9. Le Rabassier

It is a very good type of restaurant in Brussels that always attract huge numbers of customers towards it. The fine dining facility of the hotel will help you taste the best recipe that the hotel has always been providing. The price of the dining is quite affordable and the taste is also yummy.

Le Rabassier

10. Bon Bon

This restaurant is one of the famous hotels in Brussels and is always rushed with many visitors. The taste that is provided by the restaurant is a mixed one and it is really delicious. The quantity along with price is well balanced and you can easily visit this restaurant.

Bon Bon

11. Comme Chez Soi

This restaurant is a very nice destination in Brussels and is serving huge numbers of people on daily basis. The service and taste of the food is very nice. The services are really professional and you will feel like sitting in a 5 star restaurant.

Comme Chez Soi

12. Be Manos

It is a good hotel located in Anderlecht, Belgium. It is well designed and it is surely going to become the best and pleasant stay. You can get the desired kind of services right in your room. The hospitality staffs are well trained and provide the best kinds of services.

Be Manos

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