12 Hotels And Restaurants In Timor-leste (East Timor)

Hotels And Restaurants In Timor-leste (East Timor)

East Timor also known by the name of Timor-Leste is actually a sovereign type of state that is located in the Maritime Southeast Asia. This mainly comprises the east part of Timor and other parts. This particular place has become popular in the past and hence huge numbers of people are travelling to enjoy their vacation. There are lots of things to be done along with sightseeing of the ancient buildings. It also provides some of the best luxurious hotels and restaurants for its visitors who regularly visit the place for its importance.

Below Are Some Of The Best Hotels As Well As Restaurants To Provide Nice Foods And Accommodation Facilities

1. Discovery Inn

It is a very comfortable kind of hotel that is well provided with nice surroundings and nice rooms. The comfortable rooms are the major attraction along with proper services. It provides a home kind of feeling and thus visitors do not miss taking this hotel for accommodation and food facility.

Visit Discovery Inn

Discovery Inn

2. Timor Plaza Hotel

Timor Plaza hotel is a nice hotel with proper ratings provided by the happy customers. The room’s services are really nice and they are well maintained. The room’s interior is latest and you can find all kinds of necessary things in the room. Internet facilities and other room services are also present.

Visit Timor Plaza Hotel

Timor Plaza Hotel

3. Plaza Hotel

The Plaza hotel is also nice kind of hotel that is well famous for its top location. It can be easily reached within few minutes of your travel. The accommodation and food facilities of the hotel are also latest in the market. The overall service of the staffs is also satisfactory and hence attracting more customers.


4. Hotel Timor

The location of this hotel is also nice as it is in center position from all attractions in East Timor. The staffs of the hotel are very friendly and familiar too. The atmosphere that is provided to the customers is really superb. You will simply feel great by staying in this hotel. Proper accommodation, food facilities and proper price are some of the best feature of this hotel.

 Visit Hotel Timor

Hotel Timor

5. Esplanada Hotel

This hotel is a quite attractive kind of hotel in East Timor as it provides some of the best options to its customers. The rooms are well spacious and there is a great atmosphere maintained inside the hotel. The staffs are friendly and the price is also affordable. It is thus rated as one of the best hotel.

Visit Esplanada Hotel

Esplanada Hotel

6. Novo Turismo Hotel

This hotel is best for comfortable stay and retreat in a good vacation. It will help to provide the feeling of the home and thus staying is worth in this hotel. The rooms are quite large and comfortable too. The staffs of the hotel will help you to get the proper and right kind of room service.

Visit Novo Turismo Hotel

Novo Turismo Hotel

7. The Ramelau

It is a quite satisfactory kind of hotel that provides the well famous swimming pool. Visitors can easily take a nice bath in this swimming pool that is well maintained. The room services are also good. You can easily found many visitors rushing towards this hotel for its importance.

 The Ramelau

8. Excelsior Hotel

The rooms of the Excelsior hotel are well maintained and which attracts tourist’s people towards it. The rooms are quite spacious and well maintained. The interior of the rooms are well furnished and provided with latest kinds of amenities. The swimming pool and garden provides a very mesmerizing feeling.

Excelsior Hotel

9. Diya Restaurant

This particular restaurant is very special kind of restaurant that caters some of the best kind of food cuisines. It is quite expensive, yet huge numbers of people can be seen flooding the restaurant during peak hours. The restaurant caters to some of the best local dishes, western as well as Indian cuisines.

Diya Restaurant

10. Diza Restaurant

The main fact of this restaurant is the nice view from the restaurant along with yummy foods. You can simply taste the food and enjoy the oceanic view straight away from the restaurant. Thus it is a dual enjoyment of nature along with taking a plunge to the delicious food items.

Diza Restaurant

11. Black Rock

This restaurant is also well known due to the ocean front view. Simply relax on the chairs of the restaurant and take the nice view of the restaurant. Taste the yummy tasty cuisines and get the nice look of the ocean.

Black Rock

12. Little Pattaya

It is a restaurant of its kind that caters to best Thailand based food items. You will simply love the food in this restaurant. People who are fond of Thailand food items can visit this destination in Timor and satisfy their hunger.

Little Pattaya

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