7 luxury Hotels In Dili

One of the main cities where the Portuguese have left their remnants all over, Dilli is the largest city, and also the capital and port city of East Timor and is located by the Timor Insland and also by the side of the Lesser Sunda Islands. With mass destruction and war this city has seen, still a visitor can find within lovely buildings of the Portugal era standing tall and reference to all that this city has encountered, the good old days and the present. Thus in case you are planning a trip to this lovely Asian region of Ease Timor, Dili there are some of the luxury hotels you can check into without any doubt.

Some Of The Best Luxury Hotels Are Discussed As Below.

1. Novo Turismo Resort & Spa, Dili, East Timor

Coined majorly as a business hotel this one, the Novo Turismo Resort & Spa is a lovely hotel which is located centrally amidst the main arena of the city and boasts of a great and friendly staff, great food and clean rooms all over. Apart from this, the swimming pool is what everyone seems to be of praise of!

Visit Novo Turismo Resort & Spa, Dili, East Timor


2. Discovery Inn, Dili, East Timor [Permanently closed]

One of the nicest of the boutique styled hotels in the port city and the capital of East Timor, Dili, Discovery Inn has been giving its visitors a great time.

Starting off from its airport pick up and drop services, excellent client support and care and lovely ambience and food,

the stay in this Inn is a must for any traveller who is looking for a safe yet nice stay in this lovely city.

Visit Discovery Inn, Dili, East Timor


3. Hotel LoroSa’e, Dili, East Timor

Indeed another lovely hotel in the port city of Dili, a trip to East Timor might be a miss if you do not try and stay over at the Hotel LoroSa’e that people tend to so fondly talk of. This hotel is known for its lovely architecture, spacious rooms, awesome services of the hotel staff, great food and yes, their well maintained swimming pool!

Visit Hotel LoroSa’e, Dili, East Timor


4. Hotel Esplanada, Dili, East Timor

The Esplanada, as the tourists usually refer to this hotel as, is a great place to spend time due to a lot of reasons and the primary reason being located strategically overlooking the fast expense of the sea! The other positives include the internal architecture with trees all over, a great friendly staff, clean rooms, great food and all that you would need on a holiday!

Visit Hotel Esplanada, Dili, East Timor


5. The Plaza Hotel, Dili, East Timor

One of the oldest of the hotels in the region, the Plaza Hotel in Dili, East Timor is a conglomeration of the old and the new where the old part speaks of its time and the new one is luxury loaded. However all the parts are pretty clean, the staff supportive and honest and the food is great too! Located at the central locale, travel becomes easy and the airport transfer helps for sure!

Visit The Plaza Hotel, Dili, East Timor


6. Timor Plaza Hotel & Apartments, Dili, East Timor

This hotel in the Dili city of East Timor can easily win hearts given its fantastic heart of the city location, amazing sunrise and sunset views and a lovely customer service! Food, cleanlisess and all makes it a worth to try!

Visit Timor Plaza Hotel & Apartments, Dili, East Timor


7. Arbiru Beach Resort, Dili, East Timor

The Arbiru Beach Resort is just about a kilometre away from the much hyped beach in Dili, East Timor area and is known for its spacious rooms, great service and a noise free ambience.

Visit Arbiru Beach Resort, Dili, East Timor


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