7 Incredible Hotels In Papua New Guinea, Australia

The beautiful republic of Kiribati in Australia is a wonderful place to visit. The best part of this awesome place is the amazing and beautiful islands. This place is rich with a set of mesmerising islands which would make you go crazy. The place is always filled with tourists and visitors during the vacation periods due to its awesome tourist’s locations. Due to a high number of people visiting this amazing place, it has lots of luxury hotels and resorts in surroundings to give the people most stunning and relaxing stay. The place is filled with fewer but amazing hotels and resorts which would make you feel relaxed and calmed after a long tiring day of your trip.

Go Through These Awesome Hotels List And Select The Best For You!

1. The George Hotel Kiribati

This is the most widely preferred hotel in Kiribati. All the high end and luxurious facilities can be enjoyed during the stay at this awesome hotel. Centrally located in Kiribati, this hotel is near and close to many tourists locations and thus is preferred most for the long stays. From 24×7 room service to all the luxurious facilities like immensely lucrative dining, bar facilities and pool side would steal your heart.


2. The Lagoon View Resort

This is another resort where the tourists are always seen relaxing after their day trips… this amazing resort has all the high end facilities, amazing rooms and suites, stunning room services and all the heart melting features you would love. You can witness the amazing sunrise and sunsets from the luxurious rooms of yours while sipping your coffee and fall in love with the scenic beauty of Kiribati.

Visit The Lagoon View Resort


3. Captain Cook Hotel In Kiribati

This amazing hotel has delighting cuisines and amazing wine tasting you would love. If you are a foodie and love to grab different cuisines of different locations where you travel, the real cuisine and taste o Australian food can be tasted nowhere but at this awesome hotel. Have a stay there and delight your taste buds.

Visit Captain Cook Hotel In Kiribati


4. Mary’s Motel

This is a beautiful hotel cum motel where you can have beautiful small rooms to stay. This stunning motel would give you the pleasure of witnessing the beauty of the scenic archipelagos and beautiful landscapes of Australia. This extremely amazing and delightful motel would steal your heart after and never make you want to leave.

Visit Mary’s Motel


5. Tarawa Boutique Hotel

This is such a wonderful hotel where people love to stay due to the amazing services and delights. If you want a luxurious and a classy hotel for a stay, this is the best high tech option which you can consider. The stunning services of this hotel includes spa, swimming pool, room services, amazing suites, interesting dinner facilities and such other marvellous and delightful facilities you would love.

Visit Tarawa Boutique Hotel


6. Otintaai Hotel

This hotel also serves the guests in a beautiful an exciting way. The stunning hotel provides all the basic amenities which you would look for in any hotel. The amazing rooms, the delightful services and a happy serving would steal your heart for sure.


7. Fema Lodge

This s a lodge where you can stay and have some amazing food. This place is specifically for those who want to have some delicious and tasty food after their tiring trips. Visit this awesome place and have a stay to get the best out of your Kiribati trip.

Visit Fema Lodge


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