10 Top Rated Hotels In Riyadh

Riyadh being the capital city of Saudi Arabia has numerous tourists and visitors coming throughout the day. People from various countries travel to get a view of the culture and tradition of Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is an important market for hotels and restaurants. The tourists need to get hotels which provide extremely luxurious and traditional facilities where they can relax. The hotels in Riyadh hold strong competition and provide amazing facilities to become the most preferred hotel in Riyadh.

Here Is A Glimpse Of Several 5 Star Hotels With Amazing Facilities And Services:

1. Al Faisaliah Hotel

This amazing hotel provides the customers with all the luxury and facilities that would make them fall in love with the hotel. This amazingly luxurious hotel is an amalgamation of the traditions and sophistication of Riyadh. Also the surroundings of the hotel are a master piece of scenic beauty that will make you sit in the corridors for having the glimpse of the beautiful view outside. The services in the hotel are an example of elegance.

Visit Al Faisaliah Hotel

Al Faisaliah Hotel

2. Ritz Carlton Riyadh

If you are looking for a classy suite which gives you all the amenities of a luxurious five star hotel, this is the place for your next booking. This hotel hosts numerous royal guests regularly and has mastered the art of excellent service. The view around the hotel contains of landscapes and gardens that enhance the feel of luxury and elegance. The view of immensely beautiful oasis and olives would make your day!

Visit Ritz Carlton Riyadh

Ritz Carlton Riyadh

3. Hotel Al khozama

In the beautiful capital of Saudi Arabia, there lays an amazing hotel surrounded by oasis and palm trees where the Saudi culture amalgamates with the modern culture. This hotel is a pure example of ethnicity and modernization. The classy feel that this hotel gives you is incomparable. If you want a hotel in the capital of Saudi Arabia and want to explore the traditional services, get this hotel on your list. This hotel has numerous facilities like office space, food zone, shopping facilities etc.

Visit Hotel Al khozama

Hotel Al khozama

4. Four Seasons Riyadh Kingdom Centre

With a visit in this hotel, you will surely get a feel of a kingdom due to the interior and services. The hotel has been designed in a traditional way where everything from the interior decorations to the accessories is designed in a traditional and ethnic way. This hotel has all the basic facilities including food court, minibar, spa and such rejuvenating experiences.

Visit Four Seasons Riyadh Kingdom Centre

Four Seasons Riyadh Kingdom Centre

5. Intercontinental Riyadh

This hotel is located in the center of Riyadh and holds a huge space of around 100 acres. The complete space is utilized beautifully in decorating the hotel as a heavenly garden. All the posh facilities like luxury suites, poolside restaurants, wifi enables rooms, facilities of valet parking, sports club, gorgeous swimming pools et are provided to the visitors. If you have a he amount to spend for experiencing a luxury trip and stay, book this hotel now.

Visit Intercontinental Riyadh

Intercontinental Riyadh

6. Radisson Blu Hotel Riyadh

This amazing hotel showcases the traditional culture of Saudi Arabia. The hotel is surrounded with beautiful landscapes and hills. The view is jaw dropping during the sunsets and sunrise. If you want to travel nearby and visit some places, the forts and are very near from the hotel. The hotel provides the luxury suites, premium suits and all kind of facilitated rooms that you need. The food here is extremely delicious and mouth watering. The hotel also provides regularly in use cutlery, cosmetics, health and electronic items in the rooms and suites.

Visit Radisson Blu Hotel Riyadh

Radisson Blu Hotel Riyadh

7. Riyadh Marriott Hotel

This hotel provides extra luxurious room services like guest rooms and classy lounges. The very interesting facilities are the fully fledged fitness area, the large water pool and the amazing kitchen. There are museums, forts, malls etc around the hotel which facilitates you to move around and enjoy your trips with less travelling. The beautifully organized and decorated rooms would take your breath away.

Visit Riyadh Marriott Hotel

Riyadh Marriott Hotel

8. Ramada Riyadh

Just have a glimpse of the picture gallery of the hotel and you would want to visit the hotel now! The amazing decorations and interior, the superb exterior with designer water pool and gardens will give you a mesmerizing feel. Besides the scenic beauty of the hotel, the extra luxurious services and traditional approach of treating the guests will blow your mind.

Visit Ramada Riyadh

Ramada Riyadh

9. Tiara Hotel

This hotel is the best choice if you want a beautiful hotel where people are at your service 24×7 for providing whatever you need, and then this hotel is best for the room services and facilities. The construction of the hotel is so breath taking and looks gorgeous at nights. The beautiful fountains and gardens in the front of the hotel make it an eye pleasing view. The facilities of this hotel would want you never leave the hotel.

Visit Tiara Hotel

Tiara Hotel

10. Novotel Al Anoud

This is a beautiful hotel constructed to blow your minds! The super vibrant aqua color of the hotel is totally unique and amazing. The exterior of the hotel is extremely enriched with beautiful gardens and pools. This hotel provides amazing event arrangements for the guests with eye catchy decorations, lightings, music and delicious food. Consider this hotel if you want to have a classy and elegant feels.

Visit Novotel Al Anoud

Novotel Al Anoud

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