10 Travel Destinations In Ireland

Ireland, popularly called ‘’the land of saints and scholars” is among the country’s most beautiful place. Its ever friendly and ever cheerful population, and their extraordinary culture fascinate every visitor. Its sceneric beauty with its enchanting landscapes has an everlasting effect on the viewers. Its beauty and sparkle has made it be names as the ‘’emerald isle’’. Today I am going to list you ten exotic travel destinations in Ireland those of which will captivate your senses.

1. The Cliffs Of Moher

Among the spectacular sites of Ireland, these cliffs are overwhelming to see and fabulous in site. They lie at a 2500km long drive in the coastals. Its height is about 203m and when we stand at such a height, in the gorgeous cliffs, we can feel the cold wind touching our face and smell the sweet fragrance around in the air. Visitors can witness the Aran Islands on the waters on the Galway bay.

The Cliffs Of Moher

2. The Ring Of Kerry

The ring of Kerry is world famous for its mesmerizing beauty. With stunning and cool islands, the exploringly wild mountains, a plenty of beautiful nearby villages and the large atlantic ocean, this place is a marriage of serenity and peace. This place in addition to its sceneric beauty, there lie many monuments and ancient monasteries to explore. Many activities such as cycling, fishing, golf etc is also done here.

The Ring Of Kerry

3. The Aran Islands

These islands is called as the taste of ireland. It was at first seen in the year 1934 by a man named Aran. Its language and culture is different from that of the main city. In addition to its breathtaking sceneries, it also has an archeological history which is exclusive to this land and not found anywhere else. People who crave to explore, will be most fascinated by the experience in here.

The Aran Islands

4. Rock Of Cashel

Here comes ireland’s most visited place. The rock of cashel has a round tower, built in the twelth century, a castle of fifteenth century and a gothic cathedral built in the thirteenth century. Its audio visual show and exhibition keep the visitors even more entertained. Even the queen Elizabeth II of great britan visits this place in her tour of the country.

Rock Of Cashel

5. The Little Museum Of Dublin

This museum is probably one of the top museums which showcases dublin’s history an extraordinary way. It is a very informative effort and visitors also get to witness various kinds of exhibitions.all the visitors entering this place is guaranteed to have a joyful experience.

The Little Museum Of Dublin

6. Galway City

This place is located on Ireland’s west coast. Galway city is a true charm for and a wonderful and beautiful sightseeing experience. More than the beauty it provides to our eyes, the feel that the atmosphere gives as the cool wind passes by cannot be described in words.

Galway City

7. Bunratty Castle And Folk Park

If you ever wanted to visit a medieval fortress, this castle is your dream destination. This castle with an ancient look a feeling of having been existed in the medieviel period. In evenings they keep themed banquets which are of great fun to the visitors. Apart from the wonderful castle, its folk park makes people relive the century ago life. There are many villages, shops and many more that surrounds it making it an enchanting experience.

Bunratty Castle And Folk Park

8. Killarney National Park

This national park is situated in the land of killarney of the county Kerry. This park surrounded with deep woodland, stretching mountains and cool lakes is another marvelous thing to charm the viewers. This wildlife park contains Irelands most endangered species in addition to rare animals. Birds and insects which have been well sheltered and taken care of.

Killarney National Park

9. The Dingled Peninsula

This peninsula contains beautiful sandy beaches along with the surf beaches. Apart from the beaches, its village is the most fascinating site of all. Fishing is the main charm of this village with a wide variety of art and craft to be witnessed.

The Dingled Peninsula

10. Glendalough, Co. Wicklow

Glendalough situated in what we call the monastic city is a ravishing visual. It can be a memorable picnic for the ones with family in between the woods, the lakes and the entire glorious site provided by it. It is also names as the valley of two lakes to witness which, thousands of visitors arrive daily.

Glendalough, Co. Wicklow

As I conclude, I would like to say that Ireland is a land of beauty with plenty more places of magnificent charm and beauty. Visiting it will help people capture exotic and unforgettable memories and experience!

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