7 Best Tree House Hotels Around The World

A holiday that can get us stay in closeness with nature will be a real break from the hustle and bustle of the everyday life. Resorts are a good idea but how about a tree house stay which combines both comfort and the thrill of staying totally connected with nature? Amazing, isn’t it? Some of the best tree house hotels around the world are listed below. Read on to know what all these super stays offer.

Tree House Hotels Around The World:

1. Ariau Amazon Towers

Built in the early 1980s, the hotel on the tree top level in the Amazon forest is an architectural wonder. With exotic wildlife nearby, the tree houses are constructed in the rainforest leaving the ecosystem undisturbed. Stunning tree top balconies, stunning views of the jungle and the river, wooden catwalks, exhilarating activities, welcoming tribes, there cannot be a better way to experience the Amazon forest.

Visit Ariau Amazon Towers

Ariau Amazon Towers

2. Bangkok Tree House

Set up deep inside a tropical jungle, the Bangkok tree house resort is very remote, totally green and totally disconnected from the city. The tree top nest built mostly with bamboo is a three unit structure with a living room, pen bathroom, a bedroom and a green roof balcony offering fantastic views of the jungle and the river. The natural environment is well preserved and totally serene.

Visit Bangkok Tree House

Bangkok Tree House

3. Green Village, Bali

If you want to stay in a massive six story bamboo tree house, then Green village is the place for you. The tree houses are hand constructed with amazing engineering work and craftsmanship. Each tree house is unique and surrounded by lush greenery so that you can stay in touch with nature all the time. Hammocks, bamboo air-conditioning system, tree tops, breathtaking views, amazing wildlife, warm people, bamboo factory, incredible craftsmanship, green school, etc will make your stay magical and unforgettable.

Visit Green Village, Bali

Green Village, Bali

4. Finca Bellavista Treehouse, Costa Rica

The self sustained tree house community of Finca Bellavista is a green community, which uses solar energy and rain water for all of its property. The tree houses are connected by means of bridges and ladders. They even have zip lines to make the stay more adventurous. A stay in the tall tree houses will make you feel that you are the last existing humans above a jungle canopy.

Visit Finca Bellavista Treehouse, Costa Rica

Finca Bellavista Treehouse, Costa Rica

5. Green Magic Nature Resort, South India

The tree houses in the tropical forest of Kerala are built with indigenous eco-friendly material in an ethnic style.  The tree houses in the eco-lodges are constructed on top of ficus tress at an elevation of 60 to 115 feet from the ground. All tree-houses have the basic facilities for a comfy stay and you can experience the various moods of nature from the top such as the golden sunshine, misty winds, wildlife, birds, gurgling streams, and a lot more magnificence of nature.

Visit Green Magic Nature Resort, South India

Green Magic Nature Resort, South India

6. Treehotel, Sweden

Situated outside the Harads village in Sweden, this unique tree hotel is given a futuristic makeover by leading Swedish architects. Perched 4 – 6 meters above the ground level, every treetop suite has a unique look like a flying saucer, a birds next etc. One of the suites has an exterior made out of mirrors that reflects the views of the forest on six sides.

Visit Treehotel, Sweden

Treehotel, Sweden

7. Hinchinbrook Island Resort, Australia

Hinchinbrook is a national park spanning over an area of 96 acres. The coarse sandy beaches, rugged mountains and lush rainforests on the island of Hinchinbrook are indeed a visual treat to the travelers. The only accommodation on the island is a 15 room tree-house bungalows, which has floor to ceiling windows made out of glass, a private balcony, bath and a small kitchen. This secluded hideaway is a great place to unwind amidst nature.

Visit Hinchinbrook Island Resort, Australia

Hinchinbrook Island Resort, Australia

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