5 Amazing Places To Visit In Wyoming

Wyoming, which is located in Western United States is best known for its rugged natural beauty. This state packs an adrenaline induced punch per square mile more than any other state in US of A. From the fierce Teton Mountains to the beautiful Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming is the best place to witness the great empty spaces and vast wildernesses which were once the hallmark of this great nation.

The numerous museums and art centers which are located in this state embraces a rich collection of native artifacts and arts. For this reason Wyoming has become the best place to study fragments of American culture and history. With its great silent plains and gigantic mountain ranges, Wyoming has something of interest for everyone. To know more about the best places to visit in Wyoming, read on.

Here Are 5 Awesome Places To Visit In Wyoming

1. Yellowstone National Park

The 3500 sq mile wide Yellowstone National Park, which straddles the states of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, is best known for its untamed natural beauty.

Yellowstone is dotted with numerous active geysers, including ‘Old Faithful’, hot springs and prismatic pools.

The park is home to the largest herd of bison. Yellowstone Park also gives visitors the unique opportunity to observe bald eagles, grey wolves and grizzly bears in their natural habitat.  Adventure activities like whitewater rafting, horseback riding, fly fishing and hiking further enhances the overall appeal of this park. A visit to the park also affords tourists the perfect opportunity to participate in traditional native Indian rituals.

Yellowstone National Park

2. Devils Tower National Monument

Devils Tower, a unique and striking geological wonder, looms more than 1200 feet above the eastern plains of Wyoming and the strikingly beautiful Belle Fourche River.

The Devils Tower was declared a national monument by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906.

This unique natural wonder is the best place to enjoy a spot of crack climbing. Besides rock climbing, hiking the beautiful region around the Devils Tower National Monument is  extremely popular among visitors to this area.

Devils Tower National Monument

3. Grand Teton National Park

Located in North West Wyoming, the ruggedly beautiful Grand Teton National Park is home to the highest mountain peak, the Grand Teton Peak (4000 mtrs). The Snake River which winds its way through the Teton National Park has created rich wetlands which are teeming with wildlife, like beavers, elks, moose, sandhill cranes and trumpeter swans. Rock climbing, hiking; biking, horseback riding, fly fishing and river rafting are popular adventure activities that visitors to this park can participate in. A leisurely boat trip over the glassy surface of the Jackson Lake is extremely popular among visitors to this region.

Grand Teton National Park

4. The Buffalo Bill Center Of The West

If you want to learn more about the rich history of the American West, you should head to the buffalo Bill Center of The West in Cody.

Located near the east entrance of the Yellowstone National Park, tha main aim of this center is to promulgate the ‘ Spirit of the American West’.

Formerly known as the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, this foundation is actually a vast complex which comprises of five large world class museums – Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody Firearms Museum, Draper Natural History Museum, Whitney Western Arts Museum, Plains Indian Museum – and a top notch research library; the McCracken Research Library. This center which is affiliated to the famous Smithsonian Institution receives scores of visitors from around the world.

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West

5. Casper National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

This massive 11,00 sq ft interpretive center, which opened its doors to visitors in 2002, is situated northwest of Casper. A must see destination for tourists to Wyoming; the Casper National Historic Trails Center is the best place to examine historical information which is pertinent to the state of Wyoming. The numerous exhibits in this center allows tourists to get an in depth insight into the rich history of this area.

Casper National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

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