Five Beach Side Resorts In Philippines

We all know that Philippine is all about beautiful beaches, striking landscapes and nature all around. Perhaps this is what makes it the treasure of Asia. At first, who would miss the golden opportunity of being in Philippine and when already here, then who one can miss the beaches. Now that the beach is mentioned, I remember its beach side resorts as well. The Philippine beaches are so amazing that you would hardly feel like booking a hotel away from the beach but rather look for a resort near the beach and will feel like strolling at the beach and enjoying the environment around all the times. If you love the idea then go find out five best beach side resorts of Philippine.

Five Beach Side Resorts In Philippines

1. Marine Garden Beach Resort

The Marine Garden Resort is located in the Palawan Island. The Marine Garden is a family owned beachfront inn and has clean and comfortable lodging of almost all types for visitors.

The resort provides the feeling of being in your home. It has cozy environment that is popular among couples, women, and families.

Here in the resort, you may receive admirable service from its accommodating staff, free breakfast, wide parking, free Wi-Fi, and the amazing view of the beach in front. In demand are the rooms sharing the view of the ocean therefore, whenever you be here, don’t forget to book early.

Marina Garden Beach Resort

2. El Nido Resort Lagen Island

Located in Palawan Island, El Nido is a beautiful resort offering utmost tranquility between calm and shallow lagoons and lust forests. The resort is designed in classical and modern style which gives it an air of elegance. Surrounded by the forest, and beach nearby, the cottage suites and rooms are well organized and designed. In this resort, the facilities which everyone get are room service, swimming pool, beach side view, suites, bar, lounge, restaurants, spa and free Wi-Fi. The resort is so deigned that kids love it for its environment and various attractions whereas businessmen can concentrate on their work in such tranquil environment.

El Nido Resort Lagen Island

3. Puerto Del Sol Beach Resort

The beach resort is located in Balinao, Luzon Island. The resort is more than just very good or excellent. Located on the tip of the island, the resort shares a wonderful location.

With its accommodating and friendly staff, it becomes even amiable, fun and worth visiting.

All of it rooms are beautifully decorated, clean and comfortable like home. The pools are safe for kids as well. Among the various facilities, you will get swimming pool, bar, lounge, restaurants, free Wi-Fi, and the best of all, the rooms sharing the view of the beach. Do book your rooms soon as such rooms are very much in demand.

Puerto Del Sol Beach Resort

4. Bakasyunan Resort

The best thing about Bakasyunan Resort is the sunny days and the starlit nights where stars are glittering all around. At day time, you can enjoy the beach nearby and here awaits the beautiful resort at night.

The 24 hour restaurant with fresh ingredients all the time and the local specialties service is amazing.

With lagoon, golf, Moto biking, coral reefs and Jet Ski, the enjoyment at daytime reaches to ultimate. At Bakasyunan, you may find restaurant, bar, lounge, spa and a wide swimming pool. This is a resort meant not for passing time due to boredom but enjoy every moment being in Philippine.

Bakasyunan Resort

5. Treasure Of Balinao Beach Resort

One of the best choice to stay in Luzon is the treasure of Balinao Beach Resort. The resort so far has received excellent feedbacks for its service and facilities.

The beach front view and the cool breeze will take you to another world.

Do check out its rooms before booking as the choice differ depending on the visitors. The resort at all cost will convey you the real meaning of being in Philippine.

Treasure Of Balinao Beach Resort

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