Top 12 Hotels And Restaurants In Mongolia

Mongolia is a well known country that can termed as landlocked country just between Russia and china. This country is a place where nomadic life can be still seen without much effort. There are lots of things to be done in Mongolia as it has a lot of historical importance. This country receives more amount of sunlight and hence you should plan your trip according to it. Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia and where you can easily find most of the population. All famous and high rated hotels and restaurants are located in the capital city.

You Have To Select Some Of The Best Hotels From The Capital Of Mongolia:

1. Shangri La Hotel

It will be a life changing experience to stay in this hotel that is located in Ulaanbaatar. This is a very amazing hotel and is properly maintained. The proper service and room maintenance will lure you. Proper food arrangements are also done in the hotel. Hospitality service of the hotel is quite superb.


2. Ramada

This can also become the best type of hotel that you can easily stay. Business people show more interest to stay in this kind of hotel. The well spacious and well maintained room will attract customers towards it. The price is quite high and it is as per the accommodation facilities provided.


3. Best Western Gobis Kelso

This hotel provides some of the world class hospitality service that cannot be compared with others. The hotel provides well spacious room that is enough for the visitors. The interior of the rooms were well maintained. It will sure be a good experience to stay in this hotel and spend some quality time over here.


4. Bayangol Hotel

Bayangol hotel is well famous for its good service and affordable rooms. The hotel provides some of the best and properly maintained room to the visitors. It is purely designed in western style. The rooms are provided with balconies that help to get a nice view of the city. It also provides restaurant services to the visitors.


5. J Hotel

J hotel is famous for its service on proper time. The behavior of all the staffs of the hotel is really superb. The restaurant service of this hotel is quite impressive. The main attraction is that this hotel is just near the city center. The comfortable beds along with room service will lure you to take their service.


6. Platinum Hotel

Platinum hotel is one more hotel of Mongolia that caters to some of the best staffs. It is just near the main road and thus people find easy to take service from this hotel. The proper room along with service on time attracts the visitors. The price of the rooms is also very affordable and you will not feel like burning down your pockets.


7. Corporate Hotel

The Corporate hotel can also be selected when you are in the capital city of Mongolia. This hotel will surely become the best choice as it has lots of features. The rooms are very clean and the comfortable beds will make you sleep after a tiring and adventurous trip. The staffs of the hotel are also friendly.


8. Terelj International Resort

This International resort provides nice accommodation along with nice spa services. You will have a good time while staying in this hotel. The stunning service along with proper food is some of the major advantage. The price is quite affordable and matches the type of service provided by the staff.


9. Ulaanbaatar Hotel

This hotel is named just after the capital city. The hotel has a nice entry and a good reception area. You will be amazed by the type of service that the hotel provides. It is a very old hotel but the management has maintained the hotel like a latest 5 star hotel. The soviet style hotel contains spacious rooms along with proper service.


10. Hotel Mongolia

This is a great surprise hotel as it is well maintained by keeping foreign visitors in mind. The luxurious comfort provided by the hotel makes the fare quite expensive. The great lobby along with the proper restaurant is the best feature of the hotel.


11. Kempinski Hotel

The Kempinski hotel is a well famous that is popular for its incredible service. The exceptional kind of staff service has enhanced the overall rating of the hotel. You will get superb service along with restaurant service. The staffs are nice and provide respective services.


12. Blue Sky And Hotel

Blue sky and hotel can become the best and fantastic location if you are searching a nice hotel in Ulaanbaatar. The location of the hotel is nice for sightseeing. Proper service is provided to the room and the price is also affordable.


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