12 Top Hotels And Restaurants In Belarus

Hotels And Restaurants In Belarus

Belarus is a very wonderful landlocked country that is located in the Eastern Europe. Its capital is Minsk, which is always flooded with lots of visitors from all around the world. The country is very famous grand fortification, Stalinist architecture and primeval forests. The capital city of the country contains many old churches and many other things to be discovered. Visitors can travel to Belarus through many ways. Hotels and restaurants business are blooming in the country due to the increase in the number of visitors. There are many five star rating hotels that can serve the visitors with high level of comfort. Restaurants cater to tasty food items that are rare in other part of the country

1. Hotel Choice

Choice Hotel is a much demanded form of hotel that caters to many customers throughout the year. The well mannered staff of the hotel is always ready to help the customers. The rooms of the hotel are well organized and you can find all latest amenities inside it. The price is also justified as per the accommodation facilities.

hotel-choice2. Slavyanskaya Hotel

People who have visited this hotel are all satisfied due to the quality of services that the hotel provides. It is surely going to be the best experience to take service of this hotel. The rooms and the food arrangements of this hotel are very superb. The quality of the service is same as that of the five star hotels.

Visit Slavyanskaya Hotel

 Slavyanskaya Hotel

3. Crowne Plaza

It is the best place to stay during your business trip. The rooms of this hotel are very expensive as it is a five star rated hotel in Minsk. You can easily take their service and you will surely not get the chance to complain. The rooms with food facilities are really just amazing.

Visit Crowne Plaza

 Crowne Plaza

4. BonHotel

The main attractive feature of the hotel is the service that is rendered by some of the best trained executives. The staffs of the hotel will simply make your stay very perfect. All of the rooms of the hotel are very comfortable. The food that is provided straight near the door steps is also tasty and yummy.

 Visit BonHotel


5. Renaissance Hotel

It is located in Minsk and is the most top rated hotel in all over Minsk. The price of the rooms of the hotel is quite expensive and is as per the level of service. The rooms are very comfortable, which are well maintained by proper staffs. Food arrangements are also done by the staff. Nice experience to stay in this hotel.

 Visit Renaissance Hotel

 Renaissance Hotel

6. Hotel President

President hotel is yet another hotel that can also serve you as per your expectations. It is also centrally located in the city and is easily accessible. The hotel provides well furnished rooms that are of very high standard. The price also matches the level of services.

Visit Hotel President

Hotel President

7. Hotel Minsk

Hotel Minsk as usual has more number of returning customers. Previously visited customers are so satisfied that they always make sure to return whenever they visit Belarus. The rooms are big and provide lots of luxurious options. The hotel is also located in the main city.

Visit Hotel Minsk

Hotel Minsk


8. Manastyrski Hotel

The beautiful location of the hotel attracts most of the tourist’s people. It is surely going to become the best kind of stay in this hotel due to wide numbers of features. The hotel is well provided with nice rooms that are cleaned and well maintained.

Visit Manastyrski Hotel

 Manastyrski Hotel

9. Belarus Hotel

Hotel Belarus is located in Minsk also provides warm welcome to the guests. With proper quality rooms, the hotel has provided good service to all visitors. You can simply walk little distance from the main city center to reach this hotel. Your stay in this hotel is going to be pleasant.

 Visit Belarus Hotel

Belarus Hotel

10. Grand Café

Grand Café is a wonderful type of restaurant that is located in Minsk. The delicious type of dishes that are available in the restaurant makes customers crazy. The taste of the dishes is also yummy as they are prepared by a group of master chefs.

 Visit Grand Café

Grand Café

11. Vasiliki Restaurant

It is nice Belorussian cuisine restaurant that is well famous for its yummy taste food items. The price of the food items available at this restaurant is also affordable as compared to the quality of the same. The lunch and dinner options are simply attractive.

 Visit Vasiliki Restaurant

Vasiliki Restaurant

12. The View Restaurant

This restaurant is present in the Minsk city and is well famous for the nice look of the city that you can see straight through its window. Enjoy your lunch or dinner at this restaurant and take the nice view of the city from the restaurant. The price of the food items is also justified.

 Visit The View Restaurant

 The View Restaurant

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