9 Picturesque Beach Places In Japan

Travelling all around the people has often been listed at the top in the priority list of many but the priority list comprises of several factor such as climate of the place, accessibility, easiness & many other. When people travel to other country, many of them except a beach sight also but which beach can give them the maximum fun & accessibility is what is to be discovered.

In this article, you will come across beach places in Japan. Japan, a land of islands is expected to have beaches but will you be visiting all of them or look for those where you can create maximum fun memories? Therefore this articles brings you 9 such beach places in Japan that are most wanted among the travelers & have availability of everything. Read below to know more.

9 Illustrious Beach Places In Japan:

1. Hayama’s Isshiki Beach

Since 1894, this beach is used by the emperor of Japan as a winter holiday house. In summer, you can take your fun level to the peak by practicing swimming, kayaking & windsurfing.

It is because of its widespread desire among the people that it gets busy on weekends.

Located in Tokyo, the Government rents beach space out for vendors to erect restaurants, housing bars & shower units. Here is famous the “Blue moon” that is operating concerts on weekends evening. This beach definitely doesn’t leave you any option to miss out.

Hayama’s Isshiki Beach

2. Asakawa Ozuna

Asakawa Ozuna is quiet yet charming to the extent that you wouldn’t want to miss out this beach ever. All you will find here is tranquility, especially its southern coast. This place offers you numerous facilities despite of its less visitors. Moreover, you may even experience turtle eggs between May and August.

Asakawa Ozuna

3. Nishi no Hama Beach

Located in Taketomi Island, Nishi no Hama Beach is one of the most recommended beach in Japan. The beauty lies especially in viewing the sunset from this beach. On summer night, you can even see the sea turtles.

Nishi no Hama Beach

4. Shirahama Beach

Located in the west coast of Kii peninsula in Kansai area, this beach makes one of the most famous beach in all over Japan.

From this beach what comes in mind is that Japan is famous for its Onsen place also.

Therefore, after coming out of the beach, instead of bathing again at the hotel, why should you not visit the nearby “Saki No Yu Onsen,” the oldest & most well preserved onsen of Japan? Not just for couples, this beach is convenient for families & children also. Therefore, come alone or with family, this beach has a lot to add up to your fun part.

Shirahama Beach

5. Kume-jima

Come to the west of Japan and enjoy this wonderful beach. Although, there is not much to do here but its retro appeal is definitely something that will not let you go till the sun sets.

Coming here, you can explore the beautiful beaches, and snorkel or dive the colorful reefs.

Other than its caves, shorelines and rock formation, Kume-Jima a plenty of notably offbeat beaches. Aside from this, you can visit the nearby Ojima Island also that is just connected to kume jima through coastline


6. Zushi Beach

Unlike other beaches, this one has more than just sand and sea to offer. Highly popular among the locals and the visitors for its lively atmosphere, this beach adds to the fun with its activities and the events organized during the summer night. You can even go to surfing and fishing over here. Nearby is located Kamakura, which is also said as the home of the Great Buddha.

Zushi Beach

7. Omaezaki Beach

A beach which can offer you so many things other sightseeing things such as light houses, & green tea fields is must not to be missed.

Omaezaki Beach is one such beach where you can enjoy not just swimming but various other sightseeing areas also.

Among surfers, it is one of the most wanted beach. Therefore, whether a surfer or not, you can perform so many other things here.

Omaezaki Beach

8. Uchiura Beach in Kominato

In the collection of beaches in Japan, Uchiura is the most easterly beach lying in the innermost bay of Chiba Suruga Bay. To its 500 meter stretch of s&, this beach draws families & couples here very often.

The beach also split in half by the River, Obizo flowing from MT Uchiura.

With its calm, temperate water & perfect for swimming image, this beach has nothing not to offer to its visitors. Therefore, when you go to Japan, never miss out this beach at any rate.

Uchiura Beach in Kominato

9. Oarai Beach

In case, you are full of swimming & other activities then come here, this beach will provide you the after relief.

Located in the East Ibaraki of Japan, this beach is perfect for sunbathing.

It is surrounded by large rocks & is best for so many activities such as swimming, sightseeing, sea sports, & camping. If you visit this beach then you can enjoy the nearby famous Ibaraki aquarium also that makes impressive attraction.

Oarai Beach

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