9 Travel Tips To Follow While Travelling In Japan

Isn’t it amazing that even before visiting, we are every bit informed about what we will be doing and where will be going. The knowledge definitely brings you joy and it probably is not enough? There is something more important that you must have knowledge about prior to your visit. Yes, it is the travel tips that can reduce your expenses, save you from humiliation, avoid misunderstanding and give you every bit pleasure of being in that country.

This article focuses not on every country but one country that you are definitely want to visit someday or are about to visit. I am talking about the king of technology – Japan (Nihon). To save you from hopelessly roaming in the streets of japan and explore Japan all by yourself, I am going to introduce you to 10 travel tips. Read these carefully and know how you are going to explore Japan.

9 Travel Tips To Follow In Japan

1. Language Barrier Should Not Matter Much

Language barrier is one problem that people faces when they are in Japan. Japanese is one of the most difficult language however need you not to learn the language to make you understand.

Make sure that you use easy and comprehendible English while trying to have conversation.

In many cases, learning simply ‘Hello’, ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Thank you’ does more than enough. Moreover, Japanese are more than pleased to have you making effort therefore, they put more effort from their side and nullify the language barrier.

Language Barrier Should Not Matter Much

2. Rain, Heat and Humidity May Occur

Japan has rainy season when it rains extensively and summer which brings together intense humidity. Therefore, it is best to visit Japan either in spring season when Japan is at the height of its beauty or in winter season when it becomes the paradise of snow. However, if travelling to japan other than these season, then make sure that you can encounter rain any time. Therefore, don’t forget to carry an umbrella or traditional Japanese parasol (wagasa).

Rain, Heat and Humidity May Occur

3. Traveler’s Cheque

In Japan, traveler’s cheese can be exchanged at major banks, some duty free shops and large hotels. To avoid commission, prefer using Yen (Japanese currency) traveler’s cheese. Moreover, while exchanging money in Japan, if you use foreign currency Travelers cheque rather than foreign currency cash, odds are that you may get better rates.

Traveler’s Cheque

4. Prefer Not Taking Taxi

Japan, especially Tokyo is one of the most expensive place on earth. Compared with other countries, its taxi fare can loot you all.

Take taxi only if you are not short of money else always prefer train.

There are many passes like Japan Rail Pass that you can rely on. Make sure that you make it before coming to the country hat too online. For PASMO or Suica card, visit JR station and get them from JR ticket offices, Ticket service centers and Multifunction Ticket Vending Machines.

Prefer Not Taking Taxi

5. You Cell Phone May or May Not Work In Japan

This definitely becomes one of the biggest problem for foreigners. Most of the cell phone model that you use do not work in Japan. Therefore, what you can do is rent a Japanese cell phone. Moreover, you must keep in mind that you do not use your phone for conversation or listening to loud music in public places.

You Cell Phone May or May Not Work In Japan

6. Prefer Bringing Cash

Most of the Japanese ATMs do not support international cards. You may have a hard time finding one therefore it is advisable to bring cash rather than depending on ATMs. If you still want to use your card, make sure it can be used only at Seven Bank ATMs, Japan Post Bank ATMs, Aeon Bank ATMs and Citibank ATMs. Do not forget to check the institution’s logo before entering the ATM.

Prefer Bringing Cash

7. Drive And Walk On The Left Side

Japanese has the left side driving system. It is totally opposite to other countries. Not just while driving but at the time of walking, parking vehicle and using escalator or elevator also you must take the left side.

Drive And Walk On The Left Side

8. Never Pay Tip

Being a foreigner, many people tend to think of giving tip as a nice gesture. However, this completely goes against the rules in Japan. Here giving tip is not advisable at all, no matter where you are.

In case, you leave the tip in a restaurant or a hotel, the owner will run behind you till the streets to give it back.

If you want to show gratitude about the service and it is better to compliment the food or the service or give any small gift from your country. Japanese will be more than happy with this.

Never Pay Tip

9. Only If You Are Not a Vegetarian

Japan is the right destination for you if you are not a vegetarian. Otherwise, you might have a hard time finding the correct place to eat. Postwar Japan rely mostly on non-vegetarian food. Almost all of its food items comprise of non-vegetarian especially fish. Therefore, you must know accept the Japanese food culture or try to find a place before coming.

Only If You Are Not a Vegetarian

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