10 Best Travel Destination In Albania

Albania is a place of beautiful beaches and a long and beautiful coastline. This place is situated at Mediterranean sea and is considered as the less crowded and the cheapest among all the holiday countries. A trip to Albania is all cost effective, beautiful and adventurous. Albania has become a widely preferred tourist locations since past.

The Most Wonderful Places To Visit In Albania Are As Follows:

1. Albanian Riviera

If the polls are conducted regarding the best place to visit in Albania, the Albanian Riviera would be ranked as the first one. This place is graced with amazing beaches, accompanied by international music festivals for all music lovers. The two most widely preferred music events are Turtle Fest and the Soundwave Albania. The rocking night clubs near the Jale beach and Havana Beach attract the European youth to frequently visit the place. For a peaceful view, Himara seaside is Rivera’s best place to visit. Porto Palmero, LIamani, Filikuri and Drymades Beach are the most crowded beaches in Albania.

Albanian Riviera

2. Tirana

Tirana is the capital city of Albania. Tirana has the best luxury hotels and resorts with all the super fantastic amenities. If discovering the tradition and ethnicity of Albania is the aim of the tourists, then a visit to Tirana would provide it all. The18th century Et’hem mosque is an example of the ethnicity worth watching. The Skandeberg Square and the National Historic Museum are the places frequently flooded by the tourists.


3. Llogara Pass

Like travelling to destinations for amazing road trips with extremely beautiful natural views around? Llogara Pass is the ultimate destination. Situated in the centre of Llogara national park, the road travels around 1000 meters above the sea level. The view around is breathtaking and extremely aesthetic. The amazing road trip accompanies amazing food options too. At the top of the pass the tourists can find hotels for satisfying the appetite. The national park itself is the centre of attraction due to the animals it has like the golden eagle, European wild cats and the fallow deers. It is a place worth to capture in cameras.

Llogara Pass

4. Berat

Berat is a beautiful town in Albania surrounded by natural views. This town reflects the traditional architecture of Albania. The 140th century castle of berat, the Kalaja castle is the most visited tourist place in Berat. This city is included in the list of world heritage sites by UNESCO. The town also consists of luxury hotels with all the international facilities for the tourists. The St Mary of Blachernae Church is also an important place to see.


5. Saranda

Saranda is a town located in Albania. This city too is listed as one of the most amazing world heritage sites by UNESCO. The place is Butrint is the site and is located near to Saranda. This place is more preferred due to amazing beaches and the sunset view points. The experience of visiting saranda becomes more refreshing as it is a trip through the Ionian Sea from a beautiful Greek island Corfu.


6. Gjirokastra

Gjirokastra is a naturally blessed UNESCO city in Albania. The houses here are beautifully crafted and designed as small tiny castles and present the ottoman architecture. The military museum and the art gallery flourish the beauty of ottoman architecture. The main attraction and delight for tourists is the Folklore festival that takes place in Gjirokastra castle every five years.


7. Ksamil Islands

The best place within the Albanian Riviera is the Ksamil islands. The best part is the way to reach the islands. From the city of Ksamil there are various boats that carry the tourists to the three ksamil islands. The ride gives an exploration of the surrounding beauty of nature. The blue eye spring during the magical Albanian break offers a beautiful experience.

Ksamil Islands

8. Shkodra

Shkodra is the bigget town located in the north Albania. This is said to be the culturl capital of Albania due to the amazing cultural events it hosts like the Carnival, the Lake Day, the Children’s festival and the most important Shkodra Jazz Festival. The Shkodra lake and the medieval citadel of Drisht are the places worth visiting.


9. Vlore

Located in the south west of albanis, the coastal resort of Vlore is a beautiful location to visit. The main attractions here are the olive trees. The town is believed to have around 280,000 olive trees beautifying the view of the place. The Albanian Independence Proclamation building is a heritage site.


10. Lake Koman

If the scenic beauty consists a high priority in any one’s travelling desires, then Lake Koman is the best place to visit. Beautiful boat trips from ports to the hydroelectric dam are jaw dropping.

Lake Koman

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