11 Best Things To Do Saranda, Albania

Saranda is a seaside town situated on the coast of Ionian Sea in the southern part of Albania. A large number of people from the entire world visit the city in cruise ships to explore the natural beauty of Saranda and its Mediterranean waters. The famous archaeological sites, mountains, beaches, vineyards, and pastures attract visitors to the place. The city is inhabited by Greek people that form a minority in Albania. The tourist spots and sights of this area are very beautiful. There are many things to do and explore in Saranda. We will tell you some things that you must do if you visit the city.

Following Are The 11 Best Things To Do In Saranda, Albania:

1. See The Lukove Village And Beach

Lukove village situated beside the sea in Saranda is a summertime destination going towards the famous Lukove beach. It is an amazing beach with sand, pebbles and aquamarine colored tropics area like water. There are abandoned cement bunkers in the area that are remains of the olden times. The hillside of the village has beautiful trees of olives. Also, the area has a large number of citrus trees.

The Lukove Village And Beach

2. Enjoy The Paradise View At The Ksamil Beach

Visit the Ksamil Beach in Saranda. The beach has four islands accessible through boats. The white sand and turquoise blue water attract people and the beach has a lot of life and movement. The beach has a paradise-like look.

The Paradise View At The Ksamil Beach

3. Explore The Shore Of The Towns Bay

If you happen to go to Saranda, you must see the Town’s Bay, a horseshoe-shaped bay and with an attractive public beach area filled with sand and pebbles. Explore the shore area of this beach on hired paddleboats. Bask in the sunlight on the promenade-skirted beach on sun beds. Enjoy walking and strolling on the path with family amidst palm trees on the walkways. On the way, you can stop for eating ice cream on the roadside carts. There are also options for eating food at the cafes and restaurants, where you can relish seafood.

The Shore Of The Towns Bay

4. See The 40 Saints Monastery

40 Saints Monastery is an ancient building constructed in the sixth century with a large number of modifications and reconstructions having being done till the present times. The upper part of the monastery was destroyed during the first world war. Permission is required to enter and see the monastery crypt. The building was constructed in the memory of Roman soldiers who died refusing to renounce the religion.

The 40 Saints Monastery

5. Enjoy Snorkelling And Seafood At The Mirror Beach

Mirror Beach in Saranda is an excellent location for snorkeling. It is a remote and less visited beach with a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. The beach is accessible only by road and you can walk and drive to reach it. Enjoy eating fish and other seafood in the food shops and restaurants situated on the beach.

Snorkelling And Seafood At The Mirror Beach

6. See The Watchtower And Surrounding Views At The Lekuresi Castle

Lekuresi Castle is an early Ottoman castle and building situated on top of the hills that surround the Saranda town. The old building has a rambling look and it is in a semi-ruin state at present. However, you can still get a chance to see the crumbling watchtower of the castle. There is a steep walkway, from which you can get to see amazing views outside. The path goes towards Corfu as well as Greek border.

The Watchtower And Surrounding Views At The Lekuresi Castle

7. Visit The Amphitheatre At The Finiq Town

Finiq in Saranda is an ancient town with remains of the Bronze Age. The Ilyrian tribe in the ancient times used the fortified town as a living area. Ancient coins of merchant connections of this place to other cities have been found. People like to visit the area and see the famous amphitheater of the Finiq town.

The Amphitheatre At The Finiq Town

8. Explore The Butrint Town

Explore the town of Butrint in Saranda when you visit the area. It has old remains of the Roman Empire from 800 BC. See the famous amphitheater of this place. The town is a UNESCO world heritage site. Visitors like to see the ancient ruins here.

The Butrint Town

9. Explore The Synagogue

The Synagogue of Saranda is a remaining memory of the Jewish population that lived here a long time ago. It has many buildings and a school. The area also has a famous community center. The floor of the synagogues is covered with ornate and delicate Jewish mosaics. The floor mosaic has designs of menorah and shofar. Besides this, there are designs of fruits or etrogs.

Explore The Synagogue

10. See The Ancient Ruins At The Saint Nicholas Monastery

Saint Nicholas Monastery has a base area with a large sized church that looks unique being made of white blocks from the pre-Christian era. The church was destroyed and reconstructed multiple times over the time. Ancient ruins are visible clearly on the church wall. The towers of the area are also worth seeing.

The Ancient Ruins At The Saint Nicholas Monastery

11. See The Syri Kalter Spring

Syri Kalter situated in the hills of Saranda town is a beautiful spring with blue waters and bubbles erupting from the lower part of the water. The spring is natural and it is surrounded by beautiful oak trees. You can also see sycamore trees in the area. The spring has a mesmerizing beauty wiith a wooden viewing platform.

The Syri Kalter Spring

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