5 Romantic Things To Do In Venice

Romantic Things To Do In Venice

Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world. It is a surreal heaven for the couples. Romance is in the air of Venice, the weather is so warm and inviting that you will want to explore the city hand in hand with your significant other. Venice is a consummate magician. The scheduled streets of Venice will make you go awe and you will surely fall in  love with the city and this will not be your last trip to the city of love.

Here Is A List For You Of Romantic Things To Do While Your Stay At This Love Abode:

1) Take A Ride On The Gondola

Enjoy the Antique Gondola Ride with your spouse!!

Gondola ride is one of the stereotypical way of exploring the city. It is a unique flat bottomed boat used to ride on the Venetian canals with a high point at both the ends. Although it was the basic means of transport earlier, today it is popular among the tourist to take in an unrestricted view of the city.  There are certain parts of the city which are only accessible by the waterways. Enjoy the ride with just you, your better half and the gondolier rowing the oars.

Take A Ride On The Gondola

2) Enjoy A Cozy Dinner On A Rooftop Along The Canal Side

Gift your Partner a Romantic Cozy Dinner

Venice is the city of canals and a dinner along the canals on a rooftop restaurant is a pleasing sight. Dine under the blanket of stars overlooking the canal and take in the beauty of the moment hand in hand with your better half. Choose a calm and quite venue with a amorous ambiance. Enjoy the various light reflections on the water which only increases the beauty of the place. There are many restaurants in the city which will offer you such packages and also setup your date.

Enjoy A Cozy Dinner On A Rooftop Along The Canal Side

3) Take A Stroll In The Evening Hand In Hand

Explore the city on you feet

Venice has scheduled lanes and narrow streets. Choose walking on the lanes instead of taking a ride hand in hand absorbing the beauty of the historic structures and the scenic view of the city. The architecture of the buildings is unique and impressive and you can spend your day taking in the culture of the city. Also do not miss walking along the San Marco in the evenings and you can also dance to the slow music along the waterside in Piazza.

Take A Stroll In The Evening Hand In Hand

4) It Is Not Just The Opera

Romantic Opera emphasis on Emotions

The musical opera depicts the culture of Venice. Various artist give fabulous performances which you will surely love. La Fenice is the most famous and the renowned landmarks in the history of Italian Theater. It is all about love at La Fenice. Also the Musica a Palazzo night along the canal is amazing. Watch the artist perform along the Grand Canal and enjoy the evening.

It Is Not Just The Opera

5) Watch The Sunset 

Marvel at the setting sun

Witnessing the sunsets with your partner by your side is one of the most romantic things to do. Drown yourself in the beautiful of the setting sun as the orange rays touch the horizon turning the atmosphere into a romantic one. It is a natural setup for the lovers. Sunset in Venice is an exquisite sight and no matter how many photographs you have seen this sight is always priceless. Venice sunsets are always compared to falling in a magical spell.

Watch The Sunset

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