The 9 Most Beautiful Beaches In Spain And Portugal

Spain and Portugal boasts some of the finest beaches in the world to enjoy the summer. When the summer arrives in June with bright sunshine and heat, escape to any of the 9 beaches across Spain and Portugal. Let turn your daydream of staying in faraway beaches, crystal blue water and fruity drinks in to reality. The beaches in the two countries are full of sands with a backdrop of mountains and greenery.

1. Praia Dos Alemaes-Albufeira, Portugal

The beach is close to the hotel and this is one of the peaceful and beautiful beaches to enjoy. Enjoy walking on the dirt rocky alleyway by the ocean; see the beauty of lush greenery and bright pink flowers.

It is best place to absorb sunrays at a temperature of 70 degrees.

Also enjoy the sunrise in early morning and you will feel at the end of the word.

Praia Dos Alemaes-Albufeira, Portugal

2. Dona Ana Beach –Lagos, Portugal

Lagos boasts some of the finest beaches in Portugal and one among them is Dona Ana Beach. Located between two cliffs you can enjoy the beautiful overlooks and crystal blue water.

Enjoy food at a restaurant close to beach and relax yourself in golden sand.

Enjoy the carve tour in small boats to view the stunning rock formations in the sea.

Dona Ana Beach –Lagos, Portugal

3. Dos Pecadores Beach –Albufeira, Portugal

The beach located in the old part of Albufeira. Along the beach there are many restaurants, shops and water sports. Enjoy your stay by resting under sun in the beach and taste Pina coladas. The beach offers playing sand volleyball, parasailing, banana boats and jetski.

Dos Pecadores Beach –Albufeira, Portugal

4. Playa de Los Genoveses- Almeria

This is one of the unspoiled beaches in Spain share borders with hidden coves and tall cliffs. The beach comes under a sprawling 38,000 hectares of Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park. You can also see the arrival of thousands of flamingoes in autumn. Here you can go for a scuba dive and enjoy your stay.

Playa de Los Genoveses- Almeria

5. Zahara de los Atunes, Cadiz

The beach is along the Atlantic coast and enjoys your stay on the golden sand. You can go for water sports under the waves comes in moderate.

The fishing village along the coast is 8 kilometer long and the EU has awarded the blue flag to the 8 Kms stretch.

Along the beach there are many bars and restaurants. In the high season the beach will be full of tourists.

Zahara de los Atunes, Cadiz

6. Playa del Silencio, Asturias

The beach is located close to Cudillero and said to be one of the finest beaches in Spain. The beach encircled by the setting of rocky formations, meadows and cliffs. The beach is also perfect to enjoy snorkeling.

Playa del Silencio, Asturias

7. Port d’ Alcudia, Majorca

The Alcudia beach runs parallel to the golden mile from the port. The sand in the beach is white in color and there are many hotels that overlook the beach. The water is shallow here and the color is turquoise. The water is perfect for your kids to play and paddling.

Port d’ Alcudia, Majorca

8. Playa de Torimbia

It is possibly one of the finest beaches in Spain and reaches the beach by foot by the side of the hill ridge. The plus about the beach is the formation of half moon shape and the water is translucent.

Playa de Torimbia

9. Sitges, near Barcelona

The beach is perfect in three senses; sand, sun and sea and that is why the beach is famous for nightlife. It is popular among the gay community and nudism accepted here. Sitges has 17 beaches and many have been awarded blue flag by EU.

Sitges, near Barcelona

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