7 Amazing Places You Should Visit Shropshire England

Every part of the England has so many things to visit, shropshire is one of the best place to visit in the England, it is known to be a land of castles, the history of this county is from the ancient time. Shropshire is known for the famous for the industrial revolution of the England, there are many museums related to the history of the England, there are so many of the small market, this place is gifted by the nature itself, if you come to England, then you should definitely visit, this placehere

Here Are Some Of The Amazing Places, That You Should Visit While In Shropshire:

1. Ludlow, Shropshire:

Ludlow is the place in the shropshire, which has the history of around 500 year, Ludlow is made up of the wood especially the timber, the architecture of all the house is of the late 17th century, there are small houses made up of wood only, this place has the beautiful gardens, the market is full of the local items and the foods. There is a ruin Ludlow castle also, which shows the history of the late 15th century.

Ludlow, Shropshire

2. Royal Air Force Museum, Shropshire:

Royal air force museum is a center of the attraction in shropshire, it reminds the starting of the air force in the England, there are so many of the aircrafts at this museum, you will get all the history related to the aircraft, you should visit this place as it has the museum related to the cold war, there are also some shows and the exhibitions also related to the history of the world war, in the evening there is a decorations of so many of the beautiful lights.

Royal Air Force Museum, Shropshire

3. The Dana Prison, Shropshire:

The Dana prison is the prison used to prison the criminals from the last 200 years, this is a must place to visit in the shropshire, it has the long story now it is open for the guests to visit and get the atmosphere of the prison, there are many shows like the ghosts shows, real time punishment is also there, now it is run by the jail house tours, but this place is still used to give punishment to the criminals, there is a nice food court also to this place.

 The Dana Prison, Shropshire

4. St Laurence’s Church, Shropshire:

When you have come to the shropshire, then you should definitely visit to the St. Laurence’s Church, this is a five star rating church, the embroidery is pretty awesome that is embedded to the walls of the church, this is an ancient parish church, the architecture is so classic, still you will get the traces of the Norman. This place has the record of the highest visitors in a year. The evening prayer is attended by most of the shropshire people.

St Laurence's Church, Shropshire

5. Attingham Park, Shropshire

Attingham park is related to great British empire. It has been built for the Noel Hill, who gave his contribution in restructuring the East India Company, there is a park which is surrounded by the four small corner building and one main center hall, the place has the traces of iron age, this place has the alluvial soil and there are many farms are there, people from all over the world come to see the farmers around the park, now this is a part of the national trust of the England.

Attingham Park, Shropshire

6. Stokesay Castle, Shropshire

Stokesay castle is the heart of the shropshire, stokesay castle is constructed by the Laurence one of the richest man of the shropshire, it is made up the timberland, the embroidery embedded on the walls of the castle, still look like new even after the 700 years, you can look the whole shropshire from the window of the stokesay castle, there is a beautiful park in front of this castle with so many of the beautiful flowers to it, the best thing is the tearoom, that serves you the tea in an unique British style.

Stokesay Castle, Shropshire

7.  Telford Town Park, Shropshire:

Telford town park has so many things to do in it. Telford town park shows the heritage value of the shropshire, there are so many of the events organized by local people, there is artificial man made lake is also here, you can enjoy the fishing and boating here, there are many water sports also, you get so many options of local cuisines, people from around the world come to see the flower fish of this park, there are old stone row cottages are also there, so you can live to this place also, you should definitely visit this place in the autumn.

Telford Town Park, Shropshire

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