7 Wonderful Natural Attractions Of Iceland

The land of ice, Iceland is a favorite and must visit place on the globe because of the natural wonders. From the colorful mountains to awe-inspiring geysers to grand falls and glaciers, everything in the land will give you a unique and uplifting experience. A few reasons why you should visit the beautiful country with a lot of surprises is summed up here.

Here Are The 7 Wonderful Natural Attractions Of Iceland:

1. Geysers

The natural geysers in south Iceland are very exciting to watch and are one of the major draws in the country. The volcanic activity under the surface of the land is the reason for the many geysers, thermal pools and hot springs in the land. The Great geyser, which has been alive for more than 10000 years, is the most visited spot in Iceland. The geyser shooting boiling water with steam to about seventy meters high in the air is remarkable. Similar natural occurrences can be seen in Haukadalur regions.


2. Landmannalaugar

The rhyolite rocks, colorful landscape, wonderful views make the mountain an unusual place on earth. The kaleidoscopic rock composition and the wide spectrum of natural colors, the slowly cooling lava fields are such a feast to the eyes. The hot springs, Crater Lake and falls add more beauty to the awe-inspiring landscape.  No wonder why the mountains are called the most beautiful place on the earth.


3. Skaftafell Ice Cave

Ice caves are striking natural wonders that attract a lot of visitors in Skaftafell national Park, Iceland. The caves in the glacier lagoon are filled with natural light to showcase the overwhelming beauty of the frozen ice. The texture and colors inside the caves are out of the world. Especially, the blue light inside the caves, which is a rare phenomenon, is simply incredible.

Skaftafell Ice Cave

4. Aurora Borealis

The northern lights are an indefinable attraction that draws people to Iceland. The colorful dancing lights can appear in green, pink, white or purple. On dark nights, from Sep to April, the lights can be seen clearly. However, you should be lucky enough to see the northern lights because many other factors such as weather, etc play a major role. The best place to watch the light is some remote place away from the city lights.

Aurora Borealis

5. Gullfoss Waterfall

The golden falls, the Gullfoss waterfall, is definitely a popular and most beautiful waterfall in Iceland. The waterfall plunges down a three step terrace and then tumbles down the steps before falling into a deep crevice. On a bright sunny day, the brownish water from the glacier looks golden as it plunges down the terrace and steps, hence the name. You will feel more energetic and calm when you arrive at the falls surrounded by nothing but only nature.

Gullfoss waterfall

6. Lake Myvatn

The lake was established in the year 1974 as a conservation area and since then it has turned out to be one of the popular attractions of Iceland. One can witness the volcanic craters, beautiful lakes and bird-life in this conservation area. Besides these, the waterfall of the Gods is another major attraction that draws tourists to Lake Myvatn.

Lake Myvatn

7. Seljalandsfoss

Situated between Selfoss and Skogafoss, the Seljalandsfoss is a waterfall that is photographed the most in the country. The lush green surroundings and misty setting make this cascade a wonderful place to visit. You can walk behind the waterfall, which is an awesome experience and on a sunny day, you can catch the glimpse of the rainbow.


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