15 Top Hotels And Restaurants In Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the top most destinations which every tourist around the world wants to visit? The beautiful country of Montenegro is located near Croatia. Montenegro is called the country of national parks which is full of greenery and huge lakes. The place surrounded by green mountains is of fun and joy for the tourists. You can spend your time walking into the greenery lanes around the parks or hiking and kayaking which is considered to be full time enjoyment. There are several clubs which offer you the services. If you decide to visit the incredible place Montenegro, then just pack your bag and start.

There Are Plenty Of Excellent Hotels And Restaurants Waiting To Welcome You:

1. Dukley Beach Lounge

The restaurant is cool place near the beach. The fresh and warm food is served which was not at costly. The huge dining hall can also be used as wedding venue in the past. You can visit with your friends and fun watching the sea from the glass windows.


2. Adriatic

The restaurant is remembers mainly for its fast and fantastic service. The specially prepared dishes are tasty and the home made wine is excellent. The prices are high but there is no compromise with the quality of the food.


3. Tanjga

The place is huge having an open park around the restaurant. You can sit under open sky and have your lunch. The food is available in variety with beef steak, bone steak, chicken and sausages. You will enjoy your time better under shadows of trees around.


4. Caffe Pizzeria Pronto

For Pizza lovers this is considered to be a great place with variety of pizza, beer and home-made wine. The huge sized pizza is specialty of the café and it can be divided among group of people. You will visit the place again.


5. Ladovina Kitchen And Wine Bar

The restaurant is located away from the city and it is at cool place for a family to have get-together. The staff is friendly and speaks English well. The food available is of good taste and local wine is of excellent quality. It is a place worth spending money.


6. Restoran Savoia

The restaurant and the bar is one of the most preferred places of tourists. The well designed interior and the comfortable dining hall keeps the guests engaged. The sea food is delicious and the service is prompt.


7. Knjazeva Basta

The place looks odd from outside but once you enter inside it you enjoy the exceptional food which consists of fish soup and sechuan beef. The wine is costly but having fantastic taste. You will visit the place again.


8. Camping-Climbing Gusinje Krojet

The well decorated and highly furnished restaurant attracts people by its looks. Most of the dishes prepared are German recipes which are exotic and rare. Also the special wine is served which is totally free. You will plan to visit again.


9. Restaurant Lovac

If you are looking for traditional and modern food to be served together, this is the place which offers the mix of two foods which is served on your choice. It also offers mouth-wateing dishes such as sea food and traditional course meal. Free drinks are also available.


10. Konoba Catovica Mlini

The restaurant is famous for excellent fish recipes and the outstanding sea food along with mussels. The enjoyable surrounding makes the place one of the best restaurants around. The menu keeps changing everyday which makes it interesting.


11. Restoran Koliba

The place is smaller but offers variety of good food. Sometime when the place crowded, you have to wait but still you can visit once and have the delicious food. It is surely worth waiting for good service and good food at affordable price.


12. Hotel Spa Restaurant

The hotel offers good quality food along with a cup of delicious coffee. The place is comfy and cozy and you will not feel like coming out. The place is for the couple to sit and spent time together.


13. Zlatni Papagaj

The place is having outdoor service which is extra ordinary. You can sit over grass under the trees and taste local bread, fried dough balls and the desserts. The place is fun if you have small children with you.


14. Tri Lipe Restaurant

The restaurant offers rare kind of dishes with lots of green salad, vegetables and fruits. Most of the visitors come here for the natural and tasty food offered which is most reasonable. The excellent services make it a better place.


15. Splendido

The well decorated hotel with huge rooms and excellent room services. The food consists of grilled vegs and the dairy products is of higher quality. The lovely surrounding keeps the guest amused and enjoying. The menus changes everyday which is an advantage.


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