Top 9 Restaurants In Canada

Have you ever been to Canada? In case you have never been to Canada and are planning really soon – you would be wondering what kind of food you actually get there! Canada is a country in North America which has famous cities like Vancouver and Toronto. There are so many amazing restaurant in Canada. Since there are so many cities in Canada, we have listed the Top 9 out of them. It was a tough task! However we have made life easier for you by making a list of Top 9 Restaurants in Canada. We have kept in mind the important factors like food offered and the ambience as well. Take a look at the list!

Here Are The Top 9 Restaurants In Canada :

1. The Keg Steakhouse Bar

The Keg Steakhouse and Bar has a mouthwatering menu. The best part about this restaurant is that you get a view of Niagara Falls. Amazing, right? With a view like that, nobody would bother ordering good. However the steaks here are cooked to perfection. This is a very romantic restaurant to go to. Enjoy a glass of wine and soak in the view of the famous Niagara Falls. You will not want anything else in life.

Visit The Keg Steakhouse Bar


2. The Elm Tree Restaurant

The Elm Tree offers Modern Mediterranean cuisine. This is a family owned restaurant which uses fresh ingredients and the food is delicious. The restaurant has a really good ambience which is brightly lit up. The restaurant is known for its modern take on Mediterranean cuisine. This is a good place for a family dinner.

Visit The Elm Tree Restaurant


3. Alo Restaurant

This restaurant is in Toronto. The restaurant is located in a Victorian building. The food here is classically prepared. When you order the food and taste it, you will actually feel that the menu has been carefully prepared and well thought out. The food here impresses you and the ambience amazes you. This one is to watch out for.

Visit Alo Restaurant


4. Scaramouche Restaurant

The Scaramouche serves French cuisine. It is more of a casual bistro but it offers a skyline view. If you want good French food in Canada, this is the place to be. The ambience is casual and you can go here with your friends to catch a drink or just have a long chat. We like this a lot for the food it has to offer. They serve great French food!

Visit Scaramouche Restaurant


5. Canoe Restaurant

This is such a swanky restaurant. The Canoe Restaurant is on the 54th floor which will give you a spectacular view. It is located in Wellington in Canada. It is in the TD Bank Tower. You can imagine the awesomeness of the restaurant which is on 54th floor. The Canoe Restaurant gives you the true flavors of the nation.

Visit Canoe Restaurant


6. Pigeonhole

This restaurant is in Calgary. It is a posh restaurant and it has made its way to the top restaurants list. In most of the lists of top restaurants in Canada, you will find this name. Pigeonhole is really famous! All the plates here are so yummy and the cocktails are made to perfection. We find this one going a long way.

Visit Pigeonhole


7. Wolf In The Fog

This restaurant is in Tofino. It is a restaurant which offers sea view. The restaurant takes inspiration from forest and oceans. You will find that the menu for this restaurant also takes inspiration from the same. The food served here is creatively brought to you and it surely impresses the people who go here for a dining experience. Do try the seafood here!

Visit Wolf In The Fog


8. Hawksworth Restaurant

Hawksworth Restaurant is in Vancouver in Canada. The food here is award winning and you will be happy with the food. They have a separate lunch and dinner menu. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very elegant. When you enter the restaurant, it is simply royal. You can take your special someone to this restaurant.

Hawksworth Restaurant


9. Vij’s

The Vij’s Restaurant is in Vancouver, Canada. Indian cuisine is really popular in Canada and so, you should choose Vij’s. The food here is creative and delicious. The atmosphere in the restaurant is really lively as well. The owner of the restaurant is Vikram Vij and you will see a huge crowd in this restaurant mostly. He is a Canadian chef and his restaurant is very famous in Vancouver.

Visit Vij’s


See! You have so many options to choose from. The food served in all the above restaurants are great and the ambience too does justice. Make your way to all the restaurants mentioned above – they are simply amazing!

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