9 Amazing Things To Do In The Pearland, Texas

We all loved the pear fruit, but do you know that there is a place in the Texas, united states of America, it is the Pearland, the population of this county is about 1 lakh, you will find the trees of the pears in in the Pearland. This place get its existence in the 1894 when the Witold Von Zychlinski came to this place and settled here. Apart of the pears there are many things in the Pearland, that attracts the tourist all over the world.

Here Is The List Of The Famous This Of The Pearland:

1. Sri Meenakshi Devasthanam Temple, Pearland

Sri Meenakshi Devasthanam temple is located at 17130 McLean Rd, Pearland, Texas 77584, USA. The whole temple is made up by the Indian Architect, it was built in the 1979. The whole area covers the 23 acres of the land, then main building is of the hall with the statue of the Lord Ganesha. The temple is made up of the white marbles with the beautiful garden.

Sri Meenakshi Devasthanam Temple, Pearland

2. Shadow Creek Ranch Disc Golf, Pearland

If you are a golf player and want to play the golf then you need to go to the shadow creek ranch dish golf. This place is located in the middle of the Pearland county. Daily many golf players come to this place and play the golf here, you will find many holes, so that you can play alone also, there is a half yearly tournament organized in this ground also, many visitors of the Pearland come to cheer up the contestants.

Shadow Creek Ranch Disc Golf, Pearland

3. Old Settler’s Cemetery, Pearland

Pearland, Texan played a very important role in the civil war, history lovers from all over the world come to visit the old settler’s cemetery, this place is the live example of the civil war, 7 people of the civil war has been buried here, every year a ceremony has been organized by the local authority to give respect to them, this place has a big ground and you will feel the inner peace here.

Old Settler’s Cemetery, Pearland

4. John Hargrove Environmental Complex & Wetlands, Pearland

Every year, john Hargrove wetland is the favorite place of the beautiful birds, many creatures live in this place. Nature lovers from all around the world come to visit. This place is full of the visitors in between the July and September. You will find the pears tree all over this area. The authority has developed an environmental complex and you will find the local fauna and flora in it.

John Hargrove Environmental Complex & Wetlands, Pearland

5. Bass Pro Shop, Pearland

Bass pro shop is most attractive place to visit in the Pearland, this is the place where you can interact with the world of fish, this place has a big aquarium in which we have a habitat of the fish, it has a small aquarium also in which you can enter with the swim suits and feel the aquatic life, there is a small shop also related to the antiques of the ocean world, this place is surrounded by a big park to enjoy.

Bass Pro Shop, Pearland

6. Shadow Creek Ranch Nature Trail, Pearland

If you want to enjoy the nature of the Pearland, then you should visit the shadow creek ranch nature trail, you can go with the city bus or by your own vehicle to this place, people from all over the world come to see the sunset and blessing of the nature, you will see that the  place is surrounded by the birds, the park has several paths, so you can enjoy the walking in between the nature.

Shadow Creek Ranch Nature Trail, Pearland

7. 288 Lake, Pearland

If you are travelling with your partner and want to spend some of the quality time, then you should go to the 288 lake of the Pearland. This lake is just close to the Pearland county, you will find out many beautiful natural sceneries to this place, this is fresh water lake with the mirror look, you can swim to this lake also in the summers.

288 Lake, Pearland

8. First United Methodist Church, Pearland

Methodist church is the place where you will find out the real inner peace. This church is built in the 1898 but this building has face many challenges first damaged by the fire and second by the hurricane, then again this place has been renovated in the 1917.

First United Methodist Church, Pearland

9. Zychlinski Park, Pearland

Zychlinski Park is built in the memory of the Witold Von Zychlinski, founder of the county Pearland, this park has been a beautiful park since 1911, this park has a big ground for the baseball sports, yearly tournament has been organized to this place, there is a path way for the evening walk, this park has memorial of the fighters of the American civil war.

Zychlinski Park, Pearland

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