12 Top Hotels And Restaurants In Croatia

Hotels And Restaurants In Croatia

Croatia is located in the eastern part of Europe and has a very long coastline near the Adriatic Sea. There are huge numbers of islands that are near to this country. Zagreb is the capital city of the country and Croatia attracts huge numbers of visitors from all round the world. There are lots of things to be done in this country. Visitors can find a quite good number of museums and coastline to get refresh. Vacations are best if they are spent in Croatia. The country also boasts some of the best luxurious types of hotels that are very much affordable.

12 Top Hotels And Restaurants In Croatia:

1. Monte Mulini Hotel

Monte Mulini hotel is located in Rovinj part of Croatia. The rooms are well integrated with latest technologies and you can simply enjoy the latest kinds of facilities. You will simply be amazed by the look of the balconies that are attached to the rooms. You can have a glance of the sunset straight from the balcony.

Visit Monte Mulini Hotel

Monte Mulini Hotel

2. Royal Princess

The Royal Princess hotel has always been the top most hotels for all visitors. The architecture of the rooms will blow out your mind. They are very attractive and the hotel provides all comfortable services. The balcony that is provided to each room will help you get the best natural scenery.

Visit Royal Princess

Royal Princess

3. Dubrovnik Villa

This hotel is in the form of villa as the structure resembles to that of the same. The inner and outer look of the hotel will mesmerize you. The best feature of the hotel is that, it provides a nice look of the sea from the rooms. You will simply not like to leave the room. It is a high class hotel with all necessary facilities.

Visit Dubrovnik Villa

Dubrovnik Villa

4. Bellevue Dubrovnik

This hotel is established in Dubrovnik and is well near the sea. Thus, you can easily have a nice glance of the blue sea from the hotel. The amazing features of the hotel will surely make you rethink about the hotel. It is also having spa facilities that can help you relax.

Visit Bellevue Dubrovnik

Bellevue Dubrovnik

5. Esplanade Zagreb

This hotel is present in the capital city and is perfect destination to stay and relax. It is a very luxurious range of hotel and the price is quite high. The elegance of the rooms is up to the mark. The hospitality service team is well trained and who provides the necessary types of service.

Visit Esplanade Zagreb

Esplanade Zagreb

6. Hotel More

Hotel More is well famous for its top location. It is just located near the beach are on the mountain. The rooms are very perfect and provide all standard services on time. The price of the rooms is justified. You can take food options that are also yummy and will reach you on time.

Visit Hotel More

Hotel More

7. Hilton Imperial

Hilton Imperial hotel is located in Dubrovnik and will surely attract you from the outer side. The hotel contains a nice reception along with perfect staff. The rooms are well maintained and are spacious too. It is sure going to be the best option to stay and enjoy your day.

Visit Hilton Imperial

Hilton Imperial

8. Zinfandel

Zinfandel is a quite high class restaurant that is located in the capital city of Zagreb. It provides all top notch kind of food items that are latest in the market. It is a highly recommended restaurant that is mostly visited by all food lovers who visit Croatia to spend their vacation.

Visit Zinfandel


9. Hotel Cornaro

It is a very comfortable as well as quite type of hotel that is present in Split. The staffs of the hotel are quite helpful and will provide you all perfect service on time. The price of the rooms is as per the level of service. All of the rooms are well maintained and is provided with all necessary types of options.

Visit Hotel Cornaro

Hotel Cornaro

10. Gallo

Gallo can become a perfect restaurant that provides all authentic kinds of Croatian food items. The food items are very tasty and you can enjoy them in your privacy. You will find all on demand items available in the restaurant. The quantity and the price of the food items are well justified.


11. Villa Ruza Restaurant

It is surely going to be the best evening time if you visit the restaurant during evening time. The food is very nice in this restaurant and hence this is booked for wedding reception. The location of the restaurant is just near the ocean that adds to the beauty of the place.

Visit Villa Ruza Restaurant

Villa Ruza Restaurant

12. Nautika Restaurant

Nautika Restaurant is termed as the best spot in Croatia that caters to some of the extraordinary kind of dishes. The panoramic terraces of the restaurant allow the customers to sit under the sky and enjoy the food items. The delicious types of food items are also superb.

Visit Nautika Restaurant

Nautika Restaurant

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