10 Hottest Party Destinations In The World

We all have our own travel preferences, some like to relax and wind up and others like to burn the dance floor and party all night. But one thing is for sure, whether you are a party animal, or a conservative loner who likes tp party alone, there a lot of options across the globe for all kinds of party people.

Here Is A List Of The Best Party Destinations In The World-

1. Berlin, Germany-

This place is being counted as the best party places in the world because of its diverse night life where the parties continue for days. The people here are warm , welcoming and very liberal minded. They carry an attitude of ‘anything is cool’ and enjoy the rock and techno club music to beat the heat. The happening places include ‘The kitch’ and ‘Berghain’ where the party does not end!

Berlin, Germany

2. Ibiza, Spain-

The home to the world’s biggest party club, Ibiza is the centre place for the party scene in the world! The foam party at Amnesia is a not to miss and parties in this town continue till 8 in the morning, and people sleep till noon thereafter.

Ibiza, Spain

3. Copenhagen, Denmark-

If rich, posh and sophisticated is your style, then Copenhagen is your retreat. Parties here are conducted at breweries, wine bars and cocktail bars and are refined to the core.

Distortion is a rave party that continues for 5 days in June, in the streets of the city.

The city houses a pub known as Morning bar that starts parties after all the other pubs shut down and continues playing host, into the wee hours of the day. All in all a great place to party in luxury!

Copenhagen, Denmark

4. Tel-Aviv, Israel-

It is known as the big orange, inspired by the Big apple that New York is called. So , obviously this city never sleeps and people here can party all night! Tubi is the local alcoholic drink that all embrace for its sweet and deceivingly light flavor.

It has the best high-end pubs in the Neve Tzedek district, to parties in the beachfront, and in the underground pubs.

The Imperial Kraft Cocktail Bar is one of the best bars in the world and offers unique cocktails and blends, serving drinks all night till the last customer leaves.This venue is indeed the perfect party spot.

Tel-Aviv, Israel

5. Bangkok, Thailand-

This place houses it all. From smelly, crowded and bustling streets to the impressive skyscrapers, Bangkok is indeed an experience!

From wine bars,trendy nightclubs, and music lounges and the famous Maggie Choos which is an exotic bar behind a noodle shop.

The party scene at this place has earned a cosmo fervour in the recent years and is also friendly on the pockets of budget concerned people.

Bangkok, Thailand

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands-

Rated as one of the most liberal places in Europe, the city houses pretty canals and waterways where the whole city floods on at night. From high-end pubs to the Red light area, and the famous coffee shops, the choices for the party animals do not stop here. Keep a bicycle to ride through the city through the alleys and canals. Rembrandtplein is the party area in this city and opens around midnight and stays up till 6 am in the morning.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

7. New York, USA-

This is the time less city, the city that never sleeps and we can attach many more tags to this. New york always has the stage set for countless parties and cultural flavors. The best fine dining places, from the sophisticated pubs to the sleazy bars, this place has it all. New york undeniably is the most happening city in the world.

New York, USA

8. Las vegas, Nevada-

The glamorous bars and the awesome casino resorts, las vegas is the city of no limits where partying never stops and the casinoes never halt. The options are unlimited, from partying on the strip, to rolling the dice in the casinos, this place has non-stop all night partying options where we can be left spoilt for choice.

Las Vegas, Nevada

9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-

Rio offers the unthinkable, yes even those party options that you must not have even heard or thought of, this place houses it. Beautiful beaches, mesmerizing crowd, the nonstop samba beats, nonstop parties all night, and the luxurious hotels, all make the holiday worth remembering.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

10. Manchester, UK-

The techno and hip hop avenues are the ones to check out in this party place and around 120,000 people flock this city every weekend to get the feel of the party scene here. The band The smiths performs here and live music is a speciality of this city buzzing with lively music and dance.

Manchester, UK

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