10 Amazing Things To Do While In Ibiza

Sun, sand, beaches, music and fun unlimited! Yes, that’s when you are in Ibiza. This Mediterranean Spanish island has an unbeatable party vibe and unparallel ambience that can set the mood for a perfect holiday. The two main party centres are the Ibiza town which also houses the famous Ibiza port which is now a UNESCO heritage site, and Sant Antoni and the western end. This place is the origin of electronic music and is still highly noted for trance and house. Though primarily a party island, there are a lot of water activities and sight seeing that people who come to this island can undertake.

Let Us Explore The Various Things To Do While In Ibiza-

1. Cafe Del Mar-

Cafe Del Mar is the famous cafe at the far end of the San Antonio bay where people flock in to witness the breathtaking view of the sunset, with a cool drink and scintillating soundtrack to soothe all the senses to the core. You have to reach well in advance, as the seats become occupied and even the promenade and the rocks facing the sea are crowded each night of people of all ages, Gathered there to enjoy the sunset and the atmosphere of the place. This place also happens to be the meeting point or pre-party clubbing after sunset.

Cafe Del Mar

2. Hippie Market In Es Cana-

Es Cana is a resort to the eastern side of the island and alongside this resort is a hill covered with numerous stalls which house hippie items of all sorts.

From trinkets to clothes, accessories, leather goods, belts, shoes, and the list are unlimited.

The place has an authentic feel to it with hippies singing melodious tunes and humming cool beats to keep the atmosphere cool and vibrant.

Hippie Market In Es Cana

3. Rock Of Es Vedra-

It is a photogenic landscape looking out to the sea and it is an official natural reserve. It is 3 km off the coast in the Cala D’Hort area and looks magnificent at sunset. This imposing structure is 400 m in height and makes a beautiful memory to capture in the camera and take back along.

Rock Of Es Vedra

4. Water Activities-

Water rides in Ibiza is a very sought after activity and a boat ride around the island is indeed a treat. You can be guided around with experts and pursue activities like water skiing, wake boarding, and if in case you are lost, they radio a water taxi to fetch you over.

Sunbathing, visiting the bay , snorkeling is other activities to do around the sea.

Lunch at Formentera is recommended and the boats on hire here can be from simplistic to luxurious, housing great music, drinks and taking you to the places of great scenic beauty.

Water Activities

5. Clubbing-

This is the hottest and most sought after activity which drives people to this place and you can be sure to dance and party till your energy levels go down to the last level.

Electronic music is Ibiza’s gift to the world and some of the best clubs namely Pacha, which is a year-round club, and Privilege that can accommodate 100,000 people at a go, and Space, where the party is on even in the day where other pubs are driving out the crazy party lovers.

The party season starts in June and ends in October with closing parties. The party scene here at times gets rowdy and is not considered very safe for women travelling alone though the government is taking all measures to promote a family culture and atmosphere in Ibiza.


6. Feast On Paella-

Paella is the local exotic cuisine and is should be definitely given a try once in Ibiza.

It is a rice dish cooked with rabbits, snails, chicken, and seafood.

Saffron is used to add color and flavor to the dish and a number of restaurants specialize in making this local favorite.

Feast On Paella

7. Midnight Strolls-

A walk through the cobbled streets crossing the magnificent towers, statues, and Gothic buildings in the alleys of the old town of Dalt vila is a dream to live.

Wear good footwear and walk through the town to experience the old world feel of the place which has stone courtyards, high ramparts, huge terraces and private chapels.

All structures are ornately crafted with sheer detail and a midnight stroll through this place, inhaling the aroma of the beaches and bays and witnessing the parades of the famous clubs, done to lure customers, is indeed a delight to watch, feel and experience.

8. Fireworks On August 15th-

This day holds a special place in the history of Ibiza as it marks the ascension of the Virgin Saint of Paloma.

Celebrations are galore with fireworks all around the island.

It a big celebration with a national holiday all through Spain. This is definitely the biggest party of the year!

Fireworks On August 15th

9. Visit Beach Club Bora Bora-

The Bora Bora club at Playa D’en Bossa is one of the best beach parties in the world and it has a perfect balance of music, sand, sun and the beach.

The music is electrifying and so is the crowd dancing crazily at its beats and the overhead low flying planes add up to the vivaciousness.

This place gets its name from the island of Tahiti in Pacific ocean and lives up to its name. People can stay at the Bora Bora apartments which are a part of this place and Sundays are special attractions with a chilled out atmosphere, food spread laid out in open and big TVs installed to watch the water sports.

Visit Beach Club Bora Bora

10. Benirras Beach Party-

Benirras beach is where the hippies showcase their talents of playing drums and bongoes at Sunday sunsets. The summer evening looks even more beautiful by the beach where you can dance around the fireplace until the sun rises the next morning.

Benirras Beach Party

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