Top 8 Island Destinations For Your Dream Wedding

Want to make your D-Day the most memorable event in your life? Although it is already the most unforgettable day of your life, you can make it all the more special by opting to get wedded in a picturesque location like an island.

Given Below Are 8 Such Islands Around The World That Will Play The Perfect Host To Your Dream Wedding.

1. Grand Cayman Island, Cayman Islands

The Grand Cayman Islands in the Cayman Islands is considered as one of the most beautiful tropical paradises in the whole world. It is extremely popular with locals and tourists alike who flock to the destination for the crystal clear waters, amazing beaches, unrivaled hotels and unlimited water sports. The island also plays host to several weddings a year which are usually held on the beachfront at dawn or sunset.

2. Bali, Indonesia

Bali in Indonesia needs no introduction when it comes to weddings. The tropical paradise as it is, Bali is a very popular island wedding destination with tourists worldwide. Boasting of mind boggling beaches, sandy white beaches  and the best beachfront villas on earth, Bali is a must have in the list of perfect island destinations for your dream wedding. The Jimbaran Bay in particular, offers one of the most stunning backdrops you can visually fathom for your wedding.

3. Fiji Island

Fiji has earned a name for itself as being one of the most sought after island destinations in the world for weddings and honeymoons alike. Combining the privacy of unspoiled nature and a calm, exotic culture with lush greens and sparkling sandy beaches, Fiji offers an unrivalled location for picturesque and absolutely romantic weddings. Just one pointer to take note of though: find out the dates for the rainy seasons and stay clear of them.

4. Krabi, Thailand

The island of Krabi in Thailand is slowly gaining recognition as a premier island wedding destination in Asia, thanks mainly to its affordable rates that lets you plan for more on your D-Day. The Ao Nang Beach is located on the Southern end of the island and offers a great backdrop for your wedding, including the sun kissed beaches on one end and the lush greens flanked by majestic rocks on the other. Plus, you have the privilege of visiting nearby locations like Phuket and Pataya which are equally picturesque and romantic.

5. Santorini, Greece

Who would not love to get married in this breathtaking island in Greece which is covered to the hilt with nothing but rows upon rows of white houses and blue rooftops? Nestled on a hill along the coast, the beauty of the island of Santorini needs to be seen in order for one to believe it. Featured in a number of Hollywood movies, the island, its home and the crystal clear blue waters of the ocean below are just the things you want to make your wedding the most memorable event of your life.

6. Saint Lucia

Located somewhere between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Saint Lucia is one of those secluded islands which will be great for a beach wedding in case you want it to be a private affair with just family, friends and loved ones. There are plenty of places on the island you can escape to in order to plan a wedding that will remain uninterrupted by locals or other foreigners. There are also plenty of stunning locations to choose from for the perfect spot to exchange ‘I Dos’, including the sun kissed beaches, the lush green meadows, and the majestic mountains, all of which offer unparalleled views of the sunset for a memorable nuptial.

7. Tahiti, French Polynesia

Another island destination that will surely make jaws drop when it comes to hosting a wedding there. Tahiti is the perfect combination of sun, beaches, coral reefs, greenery and volcanic mountains for a spectacular island wedding. Hold your nuptials on the beach, enjoy dinner arranged on the sweeping green meadows and later, go for a stroll along the coast or venture out to explore the stunning marine life inhabiting the majestic coral reefs surrounding the island. This is one wedding you will never forget in a lifetime.

8. Boracay, Philippines

The Philippines has been rigorously promoting itself as a great island destination for quite some time now. It has over 7000 islands to choose from for your wedding and gives quite a competition to Thailand when it comes to affordability. The Boracay Island in particular, is a favored wedding destination. The half mile long strip of sandy beach is flanked with swanky hotels and can play the perfect host for your wedding and the festivities that follow.

Fancy something more private? Hire a boat to take the entire wedding party to a private beach resort called Baling Hai which is located along the island’s northern coastline. Exchange vows on the private beach and follow it up with relaxing reception aboard a wooden float on the clear blue waters. As the sun sets, you can head back to the shore for an unforgettable candlelight dinner party with your loves ones on the beach.

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