8 Amazing Water Parks In Alabama To Visit In Summers

United States of America is the place where you can have all the season, as it is a cold country, but summers are also there. Alabama is the beautiful state of the United Sates of America, as it is the south part of the America, so this place gets hot in summer, but there are many water parks in the Alabama, that is a perfect fun in the summers, every year many people all around the world comes in summer to enjoy the water parks of the Alabama, here is list of waterparks of Alabama.

1. Alabama Splash Adventure, Alabama

The address to the Alabama splash adventure is 4599 Splash Adventure Pkwy, Bessemer, Alabama 35022, USA. As you visited this place to visit in the summers for you and for your kids, it has the two big water rides with tubes and some small water rides, it has a big pool with the variation of the depth the pool ends to an artificial beach, so that people can take the sun bath here, foods are also served in this place.

Visit Alabama Splash Adventure, Alabama

Alabama Splash Adventure, Alabama

2. Southern Adventures Huntsville, Alabama

The address to the southern adventures is the 2150 Leeman Ferry Cir SW, Huntsville, Alabama 35801, USA. This place is best known for the closed long and the high water rides for all age groups, the big pool has the party table also, there is an artificial water fall is also here, there is a small pool for the kids with the water fall umbrella, in the evening many events and the parties are organized to this place.

Visit Southern Adventures Huntsville, Alabama

Southern Adventures Huntsville, Alabama

3. Spring Valley Beach Blountsville, Alabama

The address to the spring valley beach is 2340 County Highway 55, Blountsville, Alabama 35031, USA. This place records is always full in the summers as it has the highest water tube ride and that glides on the pool, there are small rides for the kids also, the pool looks like an artificial beach with the sun bath facility, it has small parks for the picnic, this place is surrounded by the natural beauty.

Visit Spring Valley Beach Blountsville, Alabama

Spring Valley Beach Blountsville, Alabama

4. Water World, Alabama

The address to water world place is the 401 Recreation Rd, Dothan, Alabama 36303, USA. This water park is in the famous westgate park, it has the triple fun flume ride that glides the tubes on the water to the long distance, there are small fountains in the pool for the kids, there are many sun bath chairs placed close to the pool and here you can also enjoy the body massage and spa therapy by the professionals.

Visit Water World, Alabama

Water World, Alabama

5. Fayette Aquatic Center, Alabama

The address to Fayette aquatic is the 218 23rd St NE, Fayette, Alabama 35555, USA, as you go to this place, you will feel like you are in a water park, which is in the middle of a hot desert. This water park has the high 35 meter round open water rides that opens to the big pool, there is separate pool for the kids also with the small rides in it. There is a big park in this water park for the picnic also.

Visit Fayette Aquatic Center, Alabama

Fayette Aquatic Center, Alabama

6. Point Mallard Park, Alabama

The address to the point mallard is the 2901 Point Mallard Drive, Decatur, Alabama 35602, USA. This is the best place to do the business meetings as it has the floating tables in the big pool of this water park, but you can have the full enjoyment here, there are many water rides in it, especially for your kids, there are many evening parties thrown in park and pool. If you are water sports player then you can enjoy games here.

Visit Point Mallard Park, Alabama

Point Mallard Park, Alabama

7. Red Bay Water Park, Alabama

The address to the red bay water park Alabama is the 703 2nd St W, Red Bay, Alabama 35582, USA. This water has the wonderful architect, there are 4 pools in this water park, with the beautiful parks and artificial beaches along it, there are many water slides in it, the depth of the pool varies, there is the facility of the sun bath, massage and spa, you can also plan parties here, wedding ceremony, birthday parties, meetings can be thrown here.

Visit Red Bay Water Park, Alabama

Red Bay Water Park, Alabama

8. Waterville Gulf Shores, Alabama

The address to this place is the 906 Gulf Shores Pkwy, Gulf Shores, Alabama 36542, USA. If you want that your kids enjoy the beauty of the nature in an artificial way, then this is the best place, as it has an artificial river in which you can go for the boating, it has the 4 big water slides to gives you the full enjoyments, it has many small fountains also in the pool, that will never feel the summer to you. A small artificial beach is also here to take the sun bath.

Visit Waterville Gulf Shores, Alabama

Waterville Gulf Shores, Alabama

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