10 Best Things To Do In Outer Banks, North Carolinaon

The Outer Banks is a long narrow coast line and barrier islands off North Carolinaon the east coast of the United States, embraced by the Atlantic Ocean.It starts from the southeastern corner of the Virginia Beach covering most of the North Carolina coastline, separating the Atlantic Ocean from the mainland North Carolina. The 200 mile coast line of the Outer Banks is a major tourist destination around the world and popular for its temperate climate and wide beach front. Before you visit this interesting place, check out these fun activities around.

Below Are 10 Best Things To Do In Outer Banks, North Carolinaon

1. Fishing

Outer Banks is famous for fishing since ages. It offers its tourists and inhabitants a multitude of fishing opportunities. You can try salt water fishing, fly fishing, offshore or inshore fishing, and pier fishing etc. on the Outer Banks.


2. Surfing

Outer Banks can be the dream destination for the surfing lovers where the cold Labrador stream meets the warm Gulf Stream, making it a perfect surfing destination. The main attraction about surfing on the Outer Banks is that people can surf here throughout the year. In summer there are plenty of sunshine and the surfing season starts from July.


3. Hang Gliding

Tourists and can also experience the thrill of hang gliding here. Variety offlying options can give you the feeling of those thousands of migrated birds that fly across the coast line. There are numbers of schools who provide the hang gliding lessons and the weight restrictions are 80lbs.for adults 75 lbs. for the minors.

Hang Gliding

4. Go Carting

Go carting is very popular in the outer Banks. People from different parts of the US come here for the go carting experiences. Although the price pinch is a bit on the higher side, you may find it worth to have a go!

Go Carting

5. Drive Down The Beach

Off-road driving through the Outer Banks is very much thrilling for the tourists and is a favorite pastime for the local inhabitant too. Driving enthusiasts can explore miles of seashore line. However, driving is mostly prohibited on the southern shores.

Drive Down The Beach

6. Camping

Vacationers will truly appreciate the Outer Banks camping experiences. Outer Banks campsite spans from Currituck County mainland and leads to the Portsmouth Island, located at the south of Ocracoke. One can enjoy expansive camping complexes here with tennis courts and community pools to oceanfront campsites.


7. Food Fiesta

The Outer Banks food and wine festival is celebrate deach year in a fantastic way.It takes place in March every year. Four days of food carnival includes wine testing, cooking classes, brewery tours, cook-offs, progressive dinners and much more.

Food Fiesta

8. Wright Brothers National Memorial

The Write brothers’ first heavier-than air vehicle flight took place here on December 17, 1903. Visit the historic National Memorial in the town of Kill Devil Hills.

Wright Brothers National Memorial

9. Graveyard Of The Atlantic

Due to the wild and treacherous seas and frequent tropical storms and hurricanes, a large number of shipwrecks occurred around the Outer Banks, earning it the infamous nickname Graveyard of the Atlantic. Don’t forget to visit the shipwreck museum at the Hatteras village.

graveyard of the atlantic

10. Lighthouses

Lighthouses have guarded the Outer Banks coastline for centuries. Among the tallest in the US, these lighthouses have come to serve as examples of hope and inspiration. Try to visit some of them including the Bodie Island lighthouse, Currituck beach lighthouse and the Cape Hatteras lighthouse.


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