12 Interesting Places To Visit In Boston

The city of Boston is the largest city in New England and has a population of around 600,000. It is a neat and clean compact city with nice and educated people. Known for its delicious food and historical influence. From the South End to the North end, there is an interesting aspect each part of the city has to offer. The city has thrived manifold under the influence of its world famous university and this city had a major role in the revolutionary war which is depicted in some of the monuments of the city.

Let Us Take A Look At The 12 Places To Visit In Boston:

1. Boston Public Garden

Established in 1837, this botanical garden is the abode of lovely seasonal flowers and plants. It has 60 varieties of trees and is also famous for its swan boats. Relax on the benches or take a walk around the park to witness the thick foliage and landscapes. The make way for Ducklings statue is a great attraction for the kids.

Boston Public Garden

2. North End

This area in Boston has Italian influence and boasts of great architecture and wonderful restaurants. The Paul Revere’s house and the Old North Church are great places to visit and a walk down the cobbled streets and settling for a meal at the cozy restaurants will definitely be worth it. Do visit Pizza Regina and Mike’s pastry. North End boasts of great historical sights and monuments.

North End

3. Black Heritage Trail

This trail signifies the presence and importance of the American- African community in the city. The trail starts at the Robert Gould Shaw Memorial and 54th Regiment Memorial, it was set up as an ode to the first black regiment set up in the civil war and this trail is spread over 13 sites.

Black Heritage Trail

4. Charles Riverside

This river is 80 miles long and offers the residents various activities like snorkelling, diving, kayaking and swimming. There are walking paths and esplanades along the river where people can walk, jog, bike or cycle. People come to have picnics or enjoy fireworks and pops concerts at the Esplanade.

5. Faneuil Hall

Constructed in the memory of Samuel Adams who conducted his speeches here. This hall is set amidst the hustle bustle of the marketplace and it serves as a meeting hall for the city since 1742. It has now developed much more and activities like shopping, dining, street performances and even wares of local artisans are often displayed here.

Faneuil Hall

6. Fenway Park

This is America’s beloved Ballpark. It sits in the middle of the city and people love this place.Be there to witness the games, grab a beer at the outlets in the stadium, gape at the Red fox fan, or take tours around the park to get a deeper insight of the history and happenings.

Fenway Park

7. Freedom Trail

This is a 2.5 km long pathway with 16 historic stops. Just walk along the red line and you will get details about the history of this city in the 18th century. A guided tour of the place can be taken or download a map to follow directions yourself.

Freedom Trail

8. The ICA

The Institute of contemporary art is an exquisitely architectured building opened in December 2006. It is located in south Boston and famous for its contemporary designing, it’s the building which draws attraction. Made of glass with sharp and clean angles, it has a glass cantilever with spreads over the Boston harbour. The vicinity has started bustling with people shops and restaurants, thanks to the opening of this building.


9. Back Bay

It is an 8 block long stretch of the shopping arcade and starts at Mass Ave, with reasonable markets, to upmarket stores slowly as we progress towards the east, with high-end brands like Cartier and Chanel. Adjoining areas like the Marlborough and Beacon streets are the most expensive places to live with magnificent Victorian Architecture. Check out Stephanie’s at Newbury’s for sumptuous meals.

Back Bay

10. Harvard Yard

Walk inside this iconic university area that houses only the best. Visit the Memorial Church that presents facts about this school, Peabody museum and Sackler art museum are two famous museums inside the campus and though the majority of the food joints are mediocre, Cambridge1 is good and Harvest is an excellent eating joint.

Harvard Yard

11. South End

It is another area in Boston which is diverse in cultures and has a rich historical background. It is bordered by Back Bay, Chinatown, and Roxbury. This area has turned very upmarket in the recent years, though it is home to immigrants and young settlers.Victorian style buildings are quite prominent here and cover around 300 acres. Restaurants, schools, parks and galleries all provide services to the people residing here.

South End

12. Beacon Hill

The centermost area in the city, Beacon hill is truly a beautiful neighbourhood where the ‘rich’ brahmins families reside. The heart of this area is Louisburg square, where a lovely park forms a centre stage around well-lined homes.The Charles street is lined with boutiques and shops and the Nicholas House museum is a popular federal style museum that houses 16th to 19th-century artifacts and furnishings.

Beacon Hill

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