8 Enchanting Tourist Attractions In Brisbane That You Must Visit

Brisbane, widely popular as the capital of Queensland in Australia, is a fabulous contemporary city that you can find on the banks of Brisbane River. You get to watch antique colonial structures here. Brisbane River separates the city center that you would find fun to track and explore. Panoramic views, incredible museums, exquisite Brisbane Botanic Gardens, unique animal life, and various attractive tourist spots attract travelers worldwide to explore this wonderful city in Australia. So, let’s have a look at popular tourist destinations in Brisbane.

Find Below 8 Amazing Places In Brisbane That You Should Explore When In Brisbane:

1. The Story Bridge

Discover the one of the most popular attractions in the Brisbane by visiting 777 meters long bridge, which spreads over greater than 250 m over the beautiful Brisbane River. This spectacular bridge was constructed in 1930s. You can ride a bicycle on its shared pedestrian cycle lane and explore it. Also, this long bridge comprises three car lanes in each direction. Watch eye-catching sites of the city of Brisbane as you drive over or walk on this beach.

The Story Bridge

2. Brisbane City Hall

Brisbane City Hall gains fame for being the finest structure and an outstanding landmark of Brisbane. This rectangular hall is one of the tallest buildings in the city with 91 m high tower. You can find it facing the King George Square, where all popular events in the city are held. Watch well-defined details and elegance of the Brisbane City Hall while exploring it.

Brisbane City Hall

3. Brisbane City Botanic Garden

If you love to explore the wonderful plant life in Brisbane, then don’t miss visiting Brisbane City Botanic Gardens located at the base of the highest mountain in the city well-known as Mount Coot-tha. You can walk along or ride a bicycle and explore this pleasant botanic garden. This exquisite park is open 24 hours to help you discover it at your own pace. Learn about the fabulous history of this amazing park and watch the beautiful flora of the city. Watch the brilliant collection of figs, palms, cycads, and bamboo and some rare and unique botanic species.

Brisbane City Botanic Garden

4. Southbank Parklands

Explore Southbank Parklands in the south of the Brisbane River. This beautiful parklands comprises exquisite rainforests, plazas, picturesque grassed areas, spectacular fountains, and worth-visiting attractions, such as the Streets Beach, the Courier Mail Piazza, the Grand Arbour, the Wheel of Brisbane, the Nepal Peace Pagoda, and restaurants. Watch stunning bouganvilleas that bloom throughout the year at the horticultural wonder popular as the South Bank Grand Arbour. Enjoy 15 minutes ride on the 60 meters tall ferry wheel at the Wheel of Brisbane. Explore man-made lagoon pools and exquisite beaches at the Streets Beach here.

Southbank Parklands

5. University Of Queensland

Do you want to explore historic sites when in Brisbane? Then, make sure you visit the University of Queensland, which is one of the highly reputed universities in the city carrying great historic significance. This worth-visiting university is located in the vicinity of the Botanical Garden and on the edge of the fabulous Brisbane River. Make sure you visit some interesting attractions here, namely Eleanor Schonell Bridge and The UQ Art Museum at James & Mary Amelia Myane Centre when at the University  to have a great experience. Also, ensure you plan a visit to The Lakes & Wordsmiyhs Bookshop, and The Great Court when visiting the University of Queensland.

University Of Queensland

6. Brisbane’s The Collective Markets

Go for shopping at the attractive Brisbanes’s Collective Markets on the South Bank. Also, explore various fascinating shops and items at the bustling Stanley Street Plaza. Shop exquisite handmade jewelry, incredible antiques, art, classic fashionable items, beautiful clothing, and photos, and listen to engaging live music.

Brisbane’s The Collective Markets

7. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Don’t miss explore fascinating animal life and cuddling an adorable koala at the biggest sanctuary on the earth Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, which is well-known for housing unique marsupials native to Australia. Also, watch other amazing Australian animals, such as kangaroo, dingoes, wallabies, snakes, wombats, and crocodiles in this enchanting sanctuary in the vicinity of the Brisbane River. Also, enjoy shearing displays of wonderful sheep dogs, cuddling a koala, Tasmanian devil feeding activity, holding a baby crocodile, feeding semi-aquatic duck-billed platypus, and other interesting activities.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

8. Culture Centre

In the heart of the spectacular city of the Brisbane and on the banks of the enchanting Brisbane River, you can find the hub of cultural experiences. Don’t miss the chance to explore well-equipped State Library of Queensland, watch various arts activities in the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, and artistic work displayed in the Gallery of Modern Art. You get to see varied art and culture of Brisbane at this remarkable Culture Centre. Also, visit Queensland Art Gallery to discover enchanting artwork displays and watch various shows at Queensland Theatre Company.

Culture Centre

Now that you know these eight worth-visiting destinations in the city of Brisbane, make sure you visit each of these tourist attractions to have an enriching experience.

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