Top 6 Awesome Attractions In Newfoundland

Newfoundland is a large island situated in the east coast of Canada. The varied landscapes, Viking remains, icebergs, whale watching, diverse wildlife and sea birds, historical sites, wilderness, wonderful coastline makes the island an extraordinary place on the earth. A few reasons why you should add Newfoundland to your must-do list is given below.

Top 6 Awesome Attractions In Newfoundland:

1. L’Anse Aux Meadows

At the northern tip of Newfoundland, the remnants of houses made of wooden frames and grass sods stay as a proof of the first and foremost European settlement in the northern part of America.

The dug out remains are quite similar to the ones found in Iceland and Greenland. It is a preserved World Heritage Site.

A trip to the place will take you back to the Viking era and will enable you find out what life was like in 1000 AD.

L'Anse aux Meadows

2. Long Point Lighthouse Station

The long point lighthouse in Twillingate is one among the most photographed sightseeing spots on the coast of Newfoundland. This lookout point is about 300 feet high from sea level and popular for the panoramic views it offers.

The views of the Atlantic, the icebergs, seals, whales and sea birds are stunning.

Once operated as full time as a navigational aid, the lighthouse is still operated by one lighthouse keeper. A trip to the Long Point Center will enable you discover the history, culture of people in Twillingate.

Long Point Lighthouse Station

3. Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve

If you love bird watching, then there cannot be a better place than the Cape. It is a major sea birds colony in Newfoundland. It is home to nearly 24000 gannet, 20000 kittiwakes and murre, and many more.

You can also see razorbill, black guillemot, cormorant and fulmar.

.The nest of birds on rocks, dive bombing of birds into water for prey, the majestic sceneries, wildflower beds, rugged cliffs are all so amazing and you will fall short of words to appreciate the wonderful nature.

Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve

4. Red Bay National Historic Site

The Red bay archeological site provides a complete testimony of whaling tradition in Newfoundland. The whale station was first founded in 1530s and was a chief supply of whale oil being transported to Europe.

You can find the remains of ovens, wharf, cooperages, quarters, cemetery, and whale bone deposits, etc.

You can learn about the centuries old whaling history as well as mass production of whale oil in the past.

Red Bay National Historic Site

5. Terra Nova National Park

The national park is a magical place where both land and waters compete to grab your attention. Hike a trail to explore the secrets of nature and if you are lucky enough you can see rare birds, lynx, moose, and other wildlife.

The coastline is quiet and provides opportunities for a lot of exciting water sports such as kayaking, swimming, boating, etc amongst whales, and icebergs during summer.

In winter, the park is a paradise of snow. The national park is the best place to reinvent you by staying completely in touch with nature.

Terra Nova National Park

6. Signal Hill

Located on a hill, Signal Hill National Historic site is an awesome place overlooking St. John’s harbor, the Atlantic Ocean and the historic downtown. Signal Hill was the world’s first place to receive the trans-Atlantic radio transmission.

You can indulge in plenty of things here. Besides reveling in the panoramic ocean views, you can also explore one of the most significant Maritime heritage sites.

You can jaunt through the breathtaking hiking trails that offer dramatic views of the Atlantic coastline. Also, don’t miss the puffins and whales offshore.

Signal Hill

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