5 Best Cuban Restaurants In Miami

The beautiful city Miami is located in southern east Florida. This place is considered to be the one of the best tourist attraction. The whole city is vibrant with beautiful location hotels and restaurants. If you are facing trouble choosing the best restaurants on your trip to Miami, don’t worry. Providing you the list of best Cuban restaurants in Miami.

1. Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop

Never judge a book by its cover and similarly, don’t judge this restaurant by its name. Enriqueta’s name designates it as a Sandwich shop and nothing more and you might wonder if it really deserve to be at the top of this list. But loyal and regular customers of this location can relate to its mouth-watering black beans.

Reasonably priced and freshly availed breakfasts are always applauded here and something which keeps bringing customers back to this place.

Enriqueta delivers the best service and flavours are always fresh and new and something to look out for. While the place gives a feeling of your own shelter and never fails to deliver the best of its services and fresh atmosphere. There is simply a lot of affection and plain, healthy and clean food to grasp.

Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop

2. El Los Jugos de Palacio

El Los Jugos de Palacio is a paradise for food situated at the west Flagler’s. There’s absolutely no better place than ving to go here and have food. You can choose from a wide range of varieties ranging from torrejas, freshly peanut butter and agua de coco.

While you can also demand from the section of readymade foods like rice and boiled yucca, readymade seafood is also something to have our mouth watery for pork and sandwiches.

The section of taste is the reason El Los Jugos de Palacio is best compared to other restaurants and excels. If you still think that El Palacio doesn’t deserve a place in this list, you are still to consume satisfactory quantities of chicharrón. Next time you are paying a visit to Miami, don’t forget to have a day’s meal at El Palacio.

Visit Website:

El Los Jugos de Palacio

3. Puerto Sagua

From very long, Puerto Sagua has been more than an angel in disguise and a blessing for the late-nighties. Located at the South Beach and away from the itchy and pricy restaurants, this restaurant is a treat. Best in the best price.

While we understand that the customers can be rude sometimes, mostly by the midnight, the food doesn’t lose its touch.

And there is no better place than this in Collin Avenue to take a halt and grab a sandwich and mouth-watering peccadillo whilst mesmerising the beauty and astoundingly gorgeous, wall painting of La Habana. There is never a place like this and can never be a place like this. Don’t leave this one and make it a sure bet on your list.

Puerto Sagua

4. Islas Canarias

I understand the price at Islas Canarias is appetising. But where can you get the amazing peccadillo, dotted by green olives and layered with simmered tomatoes and other intrigue and unique flavours of the restaurant.

But that is not the only thing that make it special, there is no beauty than in this restaurant.

The design and the charismatic atmosphere inside this eatery is par. There are cash registers, one which would give a bell whenever they are used. There is an option of self service but the amazing insides and its uniqueness simply makes it different from others and no wonder that it made it to the list.

Visit Website:

Islas Canarias

5. Cafe Las Olas

This undiscovered cafe is the best around for the foods that you must be craving for. The subtle ambiance, great taste makes a must visit during the Miami trip. The home made soups and the daily specialty makes it a favorite place to hang around for the localities.

Cafe Las Olas

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