8 Incredible Tourist Attractions In Illinois To Visit

Illinois(Land of Lincoln) is a Midwestern state in the USA situated in between the state of Indian and Mississippi River. Famously known as the ‘Prairie State’ due to the high amount of forests and agriculture land hold this state is the 5th largest state and often called the microcosm of the entire country. Home to the Great Lakes and Mississippi River, the state has Chicago as its prominent town with other small towns primarily working in the agriculture sector.

For The Tourist Lot, This State Can Offer You A Lot Of Attractions, Some Of Them Discussed Below As Follows:

1. Burden Falls

USA might be home to a large number of great waterfalls and Burden falls is one of them, though smaller in comparison to others. Present in the Shawnee National Forest which is a beautiful and arguably the most beautiful locations in the state, it is a visitor’s paradise. Photography and bird watching are its main while hunting and fishing are allowed at the grounds as well. Furthermore, this provides hiking options for the adventurous ones with a trail of over 3.5 miles and watching the waterfall is alone a breathtaking experience.


2. Chicago Harbor Lighthouse

Perhaps the most beautiful sight in Chicago, this can be seen from the city (Navy Pier) and a boat ride is the best way to get close to the same. Talking about the access, it is prohibited due to the navigational aid it provides till date. The nearby parks are again another place to visit if you are already around the lighthouse.


3. Matthiessen State Park

Named after the famous industrialist and philanthropist Federick William Matthiessen from LaSalle, this park is famous for its unique rock formation and also combines streams, forests and prairies. The famous white-tail deer can be found here in abundance along with the rich flora and fauna content. This park also consists of various picnic spots, the best being Dells Area which has a children’s playground to keep them entertained.


4. Holy Name Cathedral

The only Cathedral in Chicago, this is the biggest Cathedral in the USA when we talk about Roman Catholic diocese. Every week visitors from around the globe come in numbers to observe the beauty of this place along with the rich history that it possesses. If one is interested in getting to know the stories related to notorious criminals from USA, then there would be abundant of them just across the street from this cathedral.


5. Galena

The town is named after the mineral that was mined by the native Americans and till date, this town has kept its charm as over 85% of the same is deemed to be a national historic district. This still has the old French Colonial buildings sitting adjacent to each to each other. Along with this, the district boasts of Old Market Houses and Historical Societies and Museums. With over a million visitors coming to the district each year, this is one of the most populous districts in the country.


6. Starved Rock Canyons

The best tourist attraction in the state. With a huge park and over 18 canyons to be discovered, visitors can walk for about 13 miles (and you definitely would) of the trail and observe natural bliss in the park. Waterfall lovers will enjoy this place to the fullest as this place has plenty of them (though not very huge). With the spring approaching, the colorful area is worth checking out for sure while the canyons are the best spots if you happen to fall short on time.


7. Chicago Riverwalk

Not everything is going to be about nature and wildlife. Mayor Rahm Emanuel came up with the idea to have this and sooner or later this is going to become the most visited place in Illinois. The Riverwalk flaunts the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza which pays tribute to the warriors who have fought in the wars. The stunning lighting during the nighttime makes it even more attractive and a special place to go. Other highlights of this place include The Cover, The River Theatre and the Swimming Hole which features a zero-depth fountain and worry not; there are plenty of restaurants and eating joints to enjoy your time near the river.


8. Rockford

The 3rd largest city in Illinois, this is often called the forest city because of its large cover green spaces. Talking about the famous music club, the Mendelssohn Club is a part of this city. The natural beauty along with the rich history makes this place a must visit for all the visitors: a city with a touch of nature and class.


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