8 Incredible Tourist Attractions In Wisconsin To Visit

Wisconsin is a state in the northwest of USA and offers various diverse landscapes. Bordered by lake Michigan and Superior, this state can be used for all sorts of natural adventure such as hiking and trailing while the parts in the south are excellent for dairy farming along with possessing forests and large farms. Milwaukee is the largest city while Madison is 2nd in number and both offer a lot to the visitors apart from the state already being a good one for the travelers.

If You Happen To Visit This State, Here Are Some Options For Your To Do List And They Are Listed As Follows:

1. Oshkosh

If you happen to visit the town of Oshkosh, then you would bump into two of its famous things i.e. children’s clothing and the world’s airshow circuit. For such fans, the largest aviator meet- EAA AirVenture Oshkosh has been held here since 1970 during every summer.

The whole week of display includes aircrafts of all shapes hovering around the airport making the control tower the busiest in the world during that period.

Along with the same, EAA AirVenture has a museum to show the various aircrafts on display and because of the two mentioned reasons, during the weeklong event, millions of visitors land up here to watch the event.


2. Wisconsin State Capitol

If you want to see something similar to the Washington’s Capitol, then a bit shy with respect to the height, the Wisconsin State Capitol is worth a look. Completed in 1917, the Wisconsin State Capitol is beautifully built with a dome and a height of 284 feet (3 short of Washington’s). Tours are available for the same and the exquisite marble work and the murals can be noticed all around the building.


3. The Harley Davidson Museum

The best attraction perhaps, Milwaukee is home and the birthplace to the famous ‘HOG’. The finest place to know more about the same is the Harley Davidson Museum which has more than 450 types of motorcycles in its collection. A bike enthusiast should definitely go there to know the stories behind the making of the motorcycle and its history.


4. Circus World Museum

Baraboo, a small town in Wisconsin, boasts about this which can be an excellent attraction for the kids to know about the day-to-day working of a circus. The main focus is to represent the rich history of circus that this nation has and thus it exhibits all sorts of artifacts and instruments used in a circus. If you visit this place in summer, you can well enjoy its famous circus performed, both regular acts and traditional ones.


5. The Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells (mostly confused with the city) or The Dells of Wisconsin River (the largest river in the state) has an astonishing 5 mile river gorge. The natural beauty here is to be admired as it hosts various canyons, different rock formations and cliffs.

The also rich in flora and fauna area can be visited for nature lovers and furthermore, this place is home Cliff Cudweed which is only found here on the planet.

Because of its fragile ecological state, this place may not be easy to contact and it can be only done by boats if you want to enjoy its beauty.


6. Land O’ Lakes

Between Boulder Junction, Eagle River and Rhinelander (the north of Wisconsin) lies the region of Land O’ Lakes. Dreaming of watersports, this place can be very fruitful for your desires and moreover, this has more than 200 untouched lakes.

Camping and Hiking are very common in this area and one can explore the area on a Kayak also.

Flora and Fauna are in abundance here and fishing and birdwatching are very common here. If you are lucky, you can also see the famous white tailed eagle (well sadly only some left) and in the winters you can enjoy cross-country skiing and snowshoeing; a nature’s enthusiast would love to visit this place.


7. National Railroad Museum

Air exhibitions aren’t the only ones here and other modes of transport which has been long serving the humanity i.e. railroad is here in Wisconsin as well in Green Bay. More than about 20 diesel & steam engines are here along with other rail associated artifacts. Haunted train rides from the Halloween and Thomas the Tank can take you on tours for more enjoyment. Historical events are at display here and the locomotives used for the World Wars are well present here.


8. The House Of The Rock

One of the most unique travels is to the curious House of the Rock trip. The resort inside can be a wonderful place to stay and you can cover everything on foot and enjoy the antique houses. This is also famous for its high atop Deer Shelter; if you’re lucky enough, you will surely come across some.


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