10 Top Places To Visit In Benin

Filled with wonderful architecture, culture and something worth watching, Benin has everything to offer to its visitors. Benin is a smaller town located in the continent of South Africa. But it has a lot to offer to its visitors and would not send its visitors back unsatisfied. Benin has natural beauty surrounding itself from all sides. From a host of natural reserves to beautiful palm trees, Benin is a place that you have to see at least once. Beaches, wildlife and culture, Benin is an adventure and you will be thrilled by the amazing places that this small place holds within itself. So now let’s explore the world’s one of the most beautiful destinations that should never be missed if you are great fan of Mother Nature.

Some Of The Amazing Places Located In Berlin Are Listed As Under:

1. Ouidah

A mixture of Portuguese and French culture, Oiudah is a combination that you will love to see. The place has a lot of history to explore and if you are done by seeing the history, then you can take pleasure in the beaches that this place has. Ouidah has a story of African history and people love visiting this place.


2. Porto Novo

Porto Novo is filled with gardens and parks from all sides. Portuguese history in Porto Novo is famous in the present day world. The Royal Palace is one of the centre of attraction of the place. The museums of the Porto Novo kings are a thing to watch when you are in this place.

Porto Novo

3. Grand -Popo

If you want to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city life, then Grand Popo is the best place to be during the weekends. There are many hotels and resorts which provide you with a perfect gateway to having a beautiful and romantic weekend. The beaches are extremely beautiful and the sands are so soft and the whole place is quite heart welcoming.

Grand -Popo


4. Bohicon

The Bohicon has the best market in the entire Benin. The markets are calm and composed than the busy markets. The markets in the mornings are the busiest and so they should be avoided as much as possible. The place has in it the modernity of culture and religion. There are so many shops and cafes located in the place that you will not get tired visiting it.


5. Parakou

Parakou is one of the busiest and the town with the most population in Benin. By focusing on cotton, textile industries and peanut oil , this town has brought much laurel to itself. Bariba architecture is the most renowned thing to see in this place. There is a traditional kind of beer made in the factories of Parakou.


6. Lake Nokoue

If you are interested in bird watching, then this small town is a place which you can’t miss. The African Openbill and white creston heron are some of the exotic species that you will find in this place. The lake is polluted to the highest extent with all degradation and biological issues surrounding it.

Lake Nokoue

7. Nikki

There is an ancient palace located in Nikki which makes this place a sightseeing place. There are ruins in this place but it is a tourist spot. The museums and the Royal Palace are something worth watching. But the area is improving in terms of tourism.


8. Pehunco

Pehunco is a Benin village and it is small in its population and size. The village is famous for its jewellery designing and people visit this place to take a look at the life and culture of the village life of the Benin village. People get interested in seeing the beautiful village Pehunco.


9. Cotonou

People who are in love with adventure should visit Cotonue as it is filled with beaches that looks like paradise and covered with warm and golden coloured sands. The leading market reserves are also one of the attraction of Cotonou. You will fall in love with all the beaches present in this place.


10. Abomey

Abomey is the home to many ruined palaces but the remains are kept in the best way. The tales of the kings are fascinating to hear in the town of Abomey. The Unesco World Heritage Site is the best place that cannot be missed when you are in Abomey. Apart from the ruins, the city also has some good restaurants and cafes for visitors.


These are some of the best places to visit in Benin.

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