5 Most Charming Towns To Visit In Europe

European cities are amazing and known for their rich history, amazing architecture and culture. London, Paris, Rome, etc are well known big cities. However, if your dream is to visit a picture-perfect town in Europe filled with incredible scenic beauty, old-world charm or perhaps both then where do you begin? Well, listed below are a few such less visited, but charming cities in Europe.

5 Charming Towns in Europe

1. Portree, Scotland

Portree is a big and lively Scotland town. The colorful painted houses, the beautiful natural harbor, the great hills and spectacular views are an amazing treat for the tourists. The sea restaurants, pubs, shops, craft shops and galleries are some of the interesting features of the town. The highlight of the town is Somerled Square, which has a war memorial.

Portree, Scotland

2. Ferrara, Italy

Ferrara is called the renaissance art city for the medieval walls, signature buildings, palaces, castles, cathedral museums, broad streets, and a richer history. It has been the home of many artists, authors, musicians, etc throughout the history. If you love history, then Ferrara should be among the top 50 must visit places in your itinerary. You will feel completely transported to the medieval era and can enjoy the delicious Italian food in the local restaurants.

Ferrara, Italy

3. Colmar, France

Colmar is a stunning town with historical importance in France. The cultural heritage is clearly visible in the buildings in the town including the residential buildings, churches, medieval streets, etc. It is also called little Venice for its beautiful waterways. The semi-continental climate, unexploited natural surroundings and the traditional houses are simply perfect for spending your holidays.

Colmar, France

4. Valencia, Spain

Valencia is one of the biggest cities in Spain. Located at the Mediterranean Sea, one can enjoy the holidays at the beach and playing adventurous sports. The architecture, cathedrals, and wide streets show its historic significance. The city is known for museums, galleries, nightlife, and arts and science.

Valencia, Spain

5. Porto, Portugal

Porto is a coastal city popular for its wine production, music and art. It is one of the oldest cities and the old town is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The extravagant churches, bell towers, medieval architecture show the long history of the city. It is also titled the European Cultural Capital and celebrates several festivals.

Porto, Portugal

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