10 Travel Destinations In San Jose

Whether it is just another pleasure trip for you or it is another boring business trip that you need to attend to, San Jose is a traveler’s delight in case you love to explore a new place like a pro! The best part about this locale lies in the fact that it has innumerable sights that you can try out and the time taken in exploring would not be too much as well. Starting from museums specializing in children discovery, art and technology you can explore the pleasures of good food and satiate your taste buds in Santana Row while the amusement park nearby keeps your little ones as busy as ever!

Some Of The Great Travel Destinations In San Jose Are Discussed Below:

1. The Winchester Mystery House

Ms. Sarah Winchester was the heiress of this Victorian mansion and owned it in 1884 and since then the internal construction never stopped till her death in the year 1922given that the heiress believed that if it stops, bad spirits might harm her! The result; a mammoth 162 room mansion with forty seven odd fire places, innumerous dead ends and gold and silver chandeliers adorn this place which is known as the “Mystery House” of San Jose. While the interiors might awe you, you can check the “Behind the Scene Tour” and the Grand Estate Tour while here.

The Winchester Mystery House

2. The Heritage Rose Garden

This is a treasured heritage of San Jose and is a five acre large rose garden which contains over 3700 varieties of roses and over 5000 rose bushes in total! A perfect abode amidst the beautiful creation of nature and have a quiet lunch within!

The Heritage Rose Garden

3. The Kelley Park

This is nothing but a large, approximately 160 acre plus public park located in San Jose area and is a welcome change from the bustling and the busy lanes of downtown San Jose and gives you a secluded demeanor. A perfect picnic paradise, Kelley Park has innumerous lawns, ponds and a lazy Japanese Friendship Garden along with being close by to the Zoo, The San Jose Historical Museum and the Happy Hollow Park too!

The Kelley Park

4. St. Joseph Cathedral Basilica

Even though this multi dome basilica dates back to the time of 1870’s, the present structure is the fifth make, it is yet special due to the fact that it is built over the same place where the first Church of the region St. Joseph’s Church was located early in 1803’s. A place to worship and marvel at its architectural glory, a must visit this one!

St. Joseph Cathedral Basilica

5. The Mexican Heritage Plaza

This one is the State’s biggest multipurpose centers which are dedicated to the advancement of the Latino culture. You can find thematic gardens, a 500- seater theatre, classrooms, offices, pavilion and an exhibition hall named La Galeria.

The Mexican Heritage Plaza

6. The Drop Zone

The “Drop Zone” is truly one of the Great America’s most loved and popular attractions and is also doted as the longest freefall in the entire world! Whilst it all starts with a four second duration view of the lovely scenic beauty and the valley, it takes you down in a free fall sooner from 200 feet above with a speed of more than 60 miles per hour.

The Drop Zone

7. The Guadalupe River Park & Gardens

This is a natural treasure at the heart of San Jose where you can easily find the peace within by seeing beauty in terms of song and migratory bird population, jogger trails, scenic walk ways in the park, along with the Guadalupe Gardens which boasts of over 3700 kinds of roses and the gardens and the River parks hosts various concerts and festivals every year.

The Guadalupe River Park & Gardens

8. California’s Great America

Tucked at the northern side of San Jose is California’s Great America which offers some of the best family fun in the Southern Bay region. This park area is a splendid experience for the entire family where the rides, game areas, shows and the playgrounds are a kid’s delight, they have rides for the adults to explore too!

California’s Great America

9. The Peralta Adobe

This is one of the State’s earliest of the Spanish settlements which dates back to the 18th century where the Peralta Adobe is the only remaining vestige of the original El Pueblo de San Jose! You may get the tickets and see the earlier like made interiors and a fireplace at the outside. The same ticket helps you get through to the Fallon House nearby as well.

The Peralta Adobe

10. The Santana Row

This is a shopper’s paradise, just downtown of San Jose where you get to experience the best of food, nightlife and yes go on an endless shopping spree, without guilt!

The Santana Row

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