5 Best Tourist Destinations In Namibia

Namibia the rough land attracts lot of tourists every year who enjoy its beautiful landscapes, sand dunes and wildlife. Located in southwest Africa this place has a significant cheetah population. The place is also famous for its rich wildlife which is an asset to this country. The city also has some stunning views of landscapes which will definitely make you feel that you are in the laps of the nature. The sand dunes and the desert atmosphere make this place different from the usual tourist destinations. The place also has several natural wonders like the Fish river Canyon and lonely desert lakes.

Here Is A List Of 5 Best Places To Visit In Namibia

1. Skeleton Coast

This place is located on the northern part of the Atlantic ocean. There is a national park in this coast spread across an area of about 16000 square kilometers. This national park provides a habitat to a variety of animals which are a tourist attraction. The national park saves the environment and protects these animals from any sort of ill treatment. You can find a number of animals starting from rhinoceros to the giant elephants. The famous Fish river Canyon is also a part of this national park. This place is definitely worth a visit. The visit will help you respect the nature and the wildlife.

Skeleton Coast

2. Caprivi Strip

This place is sparsely populated and you can get the best view of nature in this region. Among the dry desert area lies this beautiful place that is full of greenery and keeps you always engaged with its beauty. The place has the beautiful view of the river Zambezi.

Caprivi Strip

3. Cape Cross

This place is a small headland in the skeleton coast. This place is a great seal reserve in Africa which facilitates the breeding of several Cape fur seals. You can enjoy the sight of about 100000 seals on the beach. The authorities have taken strict measures to make this reserve pollution free. This place offers a great experience and is worth a visit. This seal reserve helps in improving the income of the country by encouraging several tourist visits and providing the best services to them.

Cape Cross

4. Fish River Canyon

This place is truly a nature’s beauty. This is the second largest canyon in the world. The canyon is spread across a distance of about 160 kilometers. This place offers a great hiking experience to the tourists who show interest in hiking. Also being a part of the national nature reserve park this park offers many tourists every year. It is the second most visited places in Namibia.

Fish River Canyon

5. Etosha National Park

This national park is located around the vast Etosha salt pan. This park provides habitat to lot of animals including zebra’s, antelopes and wildebeests. This place is definitely worth a visit if you are an animal lover. The authorities of the national park also facilitate a tour of this national park. Though the place has limited water availability the animals in the park get enough water. This is a biggest national park in Namibia and provides various facilities to the tourists who stay and enjoy the beauty of the park. Waterholes in this national park are quite different from those seen in other national parks. Variety of animals can be witnessed near each waterhole. A tour to this national park is a must if you are visiting Namibia.

Etosha National Park

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