5 Top Attractions In Ghana

Ghana is one of the important countries of western Africa, situated on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. Although it is relatively small in area with a population of 27,614,000, it is important because of its considerable natural wealth and as it was the first gloomy African country south of the Sahara to achieve independence from colonial rule.

Top Five Attractions Of Ghana Are:

1. Cape Coast Castle:

The Cape Coast Castle is an outstanding museum with evidence about the antiquity of Ghana, the slave-trade and local culture. It is made by the swedes for the trade of timber and gold.

Cape Coast Castle

2. Accra, Ghana’s Capital:

Accra is a sprawling city with about 2 million residents and one of Africa’s harmless assets. When you are in Ghana, you should never miss a visit to its capital city. It has many things to give to its tourist.

Accra, Ghana's Capital

3. Accra’s Main Attractions Include:

The National Museum has wonderful exhibitions about Ghana’s culture and history consisting the slave-trade, and Ashanti Kingdom. There are some nice beaches in and around Accra, like Labadi Beach, and Bojo Beach. Makola Market is colourful, bustling, and you can buy absolutely everything.

Accra's Main Attractions Include

4. Mole National Park:

Mole National Park is Ghana’s major wildlife park and is situated in north western part of Ghana. In Mole you can imagine to see buffalo, roam antelope, elephants, hyenas and if you’re lucky, leopard. Lions have freshly been taken to the park as well. There are also more than 250 species of birds to enjoy.

Mole National Park

5. Kumasi:

Kumasi is the prior capital of Ghana’s Ashanti Kingdom in southern-central Ghana. Kumasi is Ghana’s nextmajor city with a population of about 1.5 million. The Ashanti are famous artisans, their gold jewellery is famous all over the world, and is their Kente cloth and wood-carved stools.


6. Lake Volta (Volta Lake):

Lake Volta (or Volta Lake) is the chief man-made lake in the world. A passenger boat, the Yapei Queen goes the whole lake between Akosombo in the South to Yeji in the North. The journey takes about 24 hours one side and leaves from Akosombo every Monday. You can reserve your voyage through the Volta Lake Transport Company. There are many more places to visit in Ghana.

Lake Volta (Volta Lake)

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