Top 9 Things To Do When In Morocco

Morocco is an African country at the northern tip of the African peninsula with the Atlantic ocean and the mediterranean sea as coastlines and has a vast expanse of the desert. It has a strong influence of European, Arabic and Berber cultures, and its official language is Arabic. Since there is a confluence of multiple cultures, it is reflected in the architecture, lifestyle, and cuisine of this region. With so much of diversity to offer, let us explore the various places to visit and things to do in Morocco.

The Top 9 Things To Do In Morocco:

1. Festival Gnauoa

The town of Essaouira hosts this musical festival called Gnauoa, which is a world-renowned platform to bring local artists and musicians from all over the world together. It is an important tool to preserve the rich culture and heritage of the region.

It is a well-organised event which can be enjoyed solo, with friends or family alike.

The atmosphere is scintillating and lively and the whole place is packed with visitors and the avenues range from the indoor stages to the promenade and the beaches!

Festival Gnauoa

2. Jardin Majorelle

If you want to get some calm after experiencing the hustle bustle of the marketplace, these gardens are perfect for relaxation. These gardens are beautifully designed and showcase exotic colorful plants and flowers and it houses the Berber museum that gives information about the surroundings and history of the place, also there are cafes for refreshments. These gardens have a rare collection of plants like cactus and this oasis in the desert is not to be missed.

Jardin Majorelle

3. Marrakesh’s Djemma El Fna

The famous square in Marrakesh’s central marketplace, Djemma El Fna is the centre point for performances, shopping, meeting, a cultural hub and more. From local cafes ti high-end restaurants and major trades happening in the square, this place would sure be crowded with visitors also flocking to the square to visit the mosques and palaces and other sightseeing avenues.

Marrakesh's Djemma El Fna

4. Sahara Desert

A trip to the Sahara would just make the holiday more worthwhile. What better than witnessing the wide expanse of the endless desert. The local guides arrange a trip to the Sahara by 4*4 or on the camel.The Merzouga dunes are a treat to the eyes as the wind play with the sand and make different and interesting shapes, and sleeping in the haima and trekking on the camel back is quite an experience.

Sahara Desert

5. Visit A Tannery

Tanning is the traditional industry of Morocco and here the animal hides are treated and dyed and finally sewed into various products. The place is full of bird waste and dye stench, but watching the colorful bins in which these hides are soaked and dyed, gives an insight of this indigenous industry of the country.

Visit A Tannery

6. Ait Bougomez Valley

Also called Morocco’s ‘happy valley’, this valley has 25 villages against the spectacular valley backdrop. The mountain terraces have wheat and barley grain plots and orchards of apples,almonds, apricots, pomegranate and cherry trees are dotted on the cliffs.

This Y-shaped valley seems to have sprung around the shrine of Sidi Moussa which sits on a cone shaped hill in the centre of the valley.

Tabant is the main village from where all transactions and transportations are carried out and accesibility to this region is chiefly by mules or 4WD.

Ait Bougomez Valley

7. Mosque At Casablanca

The Hasan 2 mosque at Casablance is huge and is the 13th largest in the world. The mosque is by the Atlantic ocean with some parts extending into the ocean and the waters being visible from the glass floor of the mosque. It has a minaret which is the tallest in the world with 60 stories and has a laser on the top, the light from which is directed towards Mecca. It is a 9 hectare complex that can house a total of 200,000 people indoors and outdoors included.

Mosque at Casablanca

8. Visit Fez

Fez is a city of historical importance and architectural landmarks. It is divided into 3 parts namely Fez El Bali, Fez Jdid, and the New City. Fez El Bali is the old city and a place of UNESCO world heritage site.

It is still relatively untouched by the wave of commercialization and is free of cars.

It is still similar to what it was 1300 years ago with donkeys and mules carrying weight, and children palying along the narrow winding streets. The city is in the shape of a bowl and one has to walk downhill to enter the city and return outward walking uphill. The simplicity and adventure feel of the city is what draws tourists to it.

Visit Fez

9. Ouzoud Falls

Morocco is a land of suprises offers you the aridness of the desert and also the freshness of waterfalls. Ouzoud falls, about 110m high, are situated at the Grand Atlas village of Tanhagmeilt, in Azilal. You can bathe in the waters, take a boat ride in the river, or explore the mountains and caves nearby. There are mills at the summit of the waterfall that are still in use, and the foothills are accesible by a path through olive trees. The waterfalls is beautifully situated amongst a horde of gorges, canyons and thick foliage of shady trees. There are lots of monkeys residing in this area.

Ouzoud Falls

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