10 Best Travel Destinations In Soyapango

Soyapango is a commercial center of the San Salvador department of El Salvador of the Central America. It is the third most populated municipalities in the country, El Salvador. The city is significant for the illegal activities of the Mara Gangs. Soyapango is notorious and one of the infamous city in the Central America. Once upon a time, the members of Mara gang were deported here from South Central Los Angeles. This city has many beautiful tourist attractions. Many tourists visit annually to this small city.

Let’s Have A Look On The Tourist Attractions Of The Soyapango:

1. Joya De Ceren

Joya De Ceren is the archaeological site like Pompeii and Herculaneum of Italy. It was the pre- Hispanic farming community. In AD 600, this site was buried under the outbreak of the Laguna Caldera volcano. The western and central part of the territory was covered under the thick layer of the volcanic ash. In 1976, the site was exposed when a grain-storage silos was constructed. A bulldozer was uncovered the historical clay built construction. At 1989, the government starts the digging process.

Joya De Ceren

2. Teatro Nacional De El Salvador

This national theatre is the oldest theatre in the whole Central America. The structure is inspired by the French and Italian architecture. This French Renaissance style theatre opened in 1917. The theatre was built by the French architect Daniel Beylard and decorated by the Italian architectLucioCapellarro. The Great Hall of the theatre was the most gorgeous and sophisticated hall in the Central America.

Teatro Nacional De El Salvador

3. San Andres Ruins

San Andres was the capital of the Maya communitywith sovereignty over the other establishments of Valle de Zapotitan in the department of La Libertad. This civilization was evacuated because of the huge eruption of the Caldera of LagoIlpango volcano. The residential area has not been fully discovered. But it is a great place to visit the history. In 1996, the government of El Salvador was inaugurated the Archaeological park in the San Andres where you can climb on the pyramids to watch the indigo production area and visit the museum area.

San Andres Ruins

4. Meanguera

This place is one of the most famous tourist spots in El Salvador. This is a small and beautiful volcanic island. Tourists have come here for jungle expedition, snorkelling and diving in untouched beaches. You can see a few species here on this island, like, turtles. You can find the Olive Ridley, Hawksbill, Leatherbacks and Green Turtle. The ideal time to visit this place is September to December.


5. Comunidad Israelita De El Salvador

It is the Jewish community of El Salvador. It is centralized in synagogue in San Salvador. It is a beautiful old architecture of El Salvador. If you are visiting Soyapango, then visit this place once. Currently this community center is located in San Benito.

Comunidad Israelita De El Salvador

6. Archeological Boqueron Volcano

This place is better known as the Pompeii of the Americas. It is protected by UNESCO since 1993. The name of the volcano is a San Salvador volcano or El Boqueron. You can take a walk between pine trees and other flowering trees. The green experience will be wonderful. You can observe the Crater in the middle from the viewpoint. If you want, you can have a bilingual tour guide to better understanding the place.

Archeological Boqueron Volcano

7. Alegria Lagoon

This mysterious lake is a fabulous volcanic lake. You can have a full day tour of this lake. You can also enjoy the scenic drive through Pan- American’s highway. You can visit the beautiful picture-perfect Alegria town and climb the Tecapa Volcano. This is the most wonderful tranquil and mysterious lagoon in El Salvador. You can see the panoramic view of the Valley of Jiboa. You can also cross the largest river of the El Salvador, the Lempa. When you will reach the Alegria you will see the spectacular view of surrounding highest mountains, coffee farms and some volcanoes.

Alegria Lagoon

8. Colonial Route And Volcanoes

When you are doing the combo day tour of the El Salvador, you can visit the Cerro Verde National Park, Volcano Complex and Coatepeque Lake including the artisan towns of Ataco and Nauizalco on the Flowers Route. You can have the 45 minutes sightseeing of eco -trails of the national park.

Colonial Route And Volcanoes

9. San Salvador City

This city is the first city which built by the Spanish. This city has many historic places like, astonishing church of El Rosario, Metropolitan Cathedral and National Palace in Historic Downtown. It has many monuments and residential areas. You can explore the colonial streets, municipal market AntiguoCuscatlan etc.

San Salvador City

10. Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero City

Monsignor Romero is the most renowned figure in the El Salvador. You can explore the legacy of his life, the truth of how he became famous. You can have the tour guide for the museum.

Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero City

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