6 Best Attractions Of El Salvador For Visitors

It is always said that bigger is the better. For tourism the big a country is the greater the opportunity to travel. But small countries of the world also provide colorful and rich touring opportunities to tourists. Such a small country is El Salvador located in western part central America. El Salvador was a former colony of Spain that was inhabited by ancient Mesoamerican people like Mayas in ancient and medieval times. Apart from colorful history this country has enough natural beauties in forms of sea coast, volcano, volcanic terrain , lakes etc. Tourists of all kind of tastes can be satisfied touring El Salvador.

Here Are 6 Best Attractions Of El Salvador For Tourists:

1. The Ancient Ruins Of Joya de Ceren

The ruins of Joya de Ceren situated in La Libertad department or region of El Salvador is called ‘Pompeii of America’. This habitat is more than 3000 years old. The Mayan people used to live here under constant threat from the local volcano. At last they were forced to evacuate it. The city went under volcanic ash only to be unearth much later. Now interested tourists can see ruins in forms of plinths of residences, bases of big structures here.

The Ancient Ruins Of Joya de Ceren

2. The City Of San Salvador

San Salvador is the capital of El Salvador. A tourist can start his or her tour of the country from this urban center of El Salvador. San Salvador is a place which has tried to retain its old heritage while embracing new establishments in forms of highrises. This city is full of different kinds of museums. There are Museum of Popular Arts, Museum of Military History and Museum of Words and Images etc. Visiting these museums can enrich a tourist with knowledge of the history and culture of the country.

The City Of San Salvador

3. Te City Of Santa Ana

Situated at a distance of 64 kms from San Salvador, Santa Ana is the second largest city of the country that is one of the popular tourist destinations. People come here to see old traditional cultural as well as historic elements. The spectacular looking theater is the most popular attraction of all. This building has mesmerizing beauty inside too. It is one hundred years old.

Te City Of Santa Ana

4. The Great Volcano Of Santa Ana

If you are interested in extreme beauties like volcano then you can fulfill your dream while touring Santa Ana. The largest volcano of El Salvador is located near this city. It is called Santa Ana too. This volcano is almost 2400 meters high and it had erupted last in 2005. It takes a few hours of walk to get close to the crater. For this you need to be brave and cautious. The surrounding beauty is worth a look.

The Great Volcano Of Santa Ana

5. The Spectacular Lake Of Coatepeque

Volcanic activities have influenced the geography of El Salvador in immense way. This spectacular lake which is only an hour drive from San Salvador is work of volcano thousands of years ago. This lake is six kilometers in width. The depth of the lake is 400 feet. The surrounding is spectacular. There is facility for boat riding and all sorts of water sports and enjoyments for tourists too.

The Spectacular Lake of Coatepeque

6. Ruins Of Tazumal

The ruins of Tazumal belong to the great ruins of Chalchuapa of western El Salvador. The ruins seen here can be dated back to almost 2000 years ago. Historians say that city building of this place was disturbed in ancient times due to volcanic activity. Now interested tourists can seen ruins of residential blocks, temples, pyramids etc here in Tazumal or Chalchuapa.

Ruins of Tazumal

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